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  • Jim Danielson - Electrical Engingeering Major. Jim created an electric Porsche in 2009 that uses no gas, is fully street legal and can reach speeds up to 65 mph. He purchased the car on Craigslist for $500, sold its engine parts for $500 and received a rebate from the state of Illinois in the amount of $4000 which brought the total cost to only $2000. He is participating in the 2011 Burton D. Morgan Business Plan Competition and participated in Purdue's Green Week vehicle show for the past 2 years. Jim has also participated in the Porsche Club of America Parade. He is the President of the Purdue Innovations Club and the Co-Founder of the Electric Vehicle Club.
  • David Nelson - Computer Graphics Technology Major. David along with a team of Purdue Students founded MorVid Games, LLC in 2007 which is a mobile software development company that specializes in marketing applications for mobile phones. Apps such as billboard-styled messaging systems, photo-editing programs that adorn images with company logos, and multi-player games are designed for up to 90% of cell phones. The company has many clients, including Captain Morgan.


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