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  • Sawyer Sparks Sawyer launched Soy-Yer Dough in 2008 which produces a non-gluten, non-toxic modeling compound aimed for children with allergies. His product was previously know as Soy-Doh. He has sold over 80,000 containers, which even include the National Geographic Museum. Sawyer is building a manufacturing facility in his home town and purchases all materials within the US. He has appeared on the ABC's Shark Tank, participated in the Certificate Program Elevator Pitch Competition and will have an exhibit in the 2011 Toy Industry Association Trade Show in NYC. In addition to Soy-Yer Dough, he also started Greene BioFeuls, S&T Feeds and BioBLING SunSpa.
  • Kristeen Hudson & Brian Paplaski - Computer Graphics Technology & Accounting and Finance Alums, respectively. Kristeen and Brain launched MissionMixUp in 2008 which is a social networking and fundraising website for people interested in mission trips. They participated in the 2009 Certificate Program Elevator Pitch Competition and were the 2009 winners for the Burton D. Morgan Business Plan Competition.
  • Vince Pegan - Management Alum. Vince led an initiative to provide old and unused computers to underprivileged areas. He was a winner in the 2008 Certificate Program Elevator Pitch Competition, Peterson Scholarship Recipient and participated in the Cultural, Technological and Environmental Exchange Program (CTEE).
  • Matthew Maxwell - Organizational Leadership and Supervision Alum. Matt Founded Generation Lawns & Landscaping which partners local youth with trained landscaping professionals to impart work ethics and business skills. Along with learning how to operate and maintain the machinery, the protégées become proficient in communication, leadership, and financial management.
  • Nathan Flatt - Engineering Alum. Nathan founded StudentBookBag.com from his frustration on spending so much on textbooks each semester and the length of time it took to find the right book. His company provides discounted used textbooks with on campus pick up and drop off. The goal of StudentBookBag.com is to provide students with the textbooks needed for the semester without the hassle of shipping.
  • Michael Brauer - Management Alum. Michael founded Write 2 College to help students earn higher scores on the SAT and ACT's toughest new section: writing. Many traditional preparation methods have struggled to get students ready because this section was recently added. Write 2 College’s resident expert, University of California Irvine writing  instructor Emily Brauer Rogers, feels that practice is the key to developing the writing skills necessary to earn a higher score on the exam.  Her guide, “The SAT/ACT Writing Playbook” is distributed free of charge through the company’s website and teaches the fundamentals of writing a perfect essay. Students then have the opportunity to complete a writing analysis and set up a customized preparation plan using essay reviews, private tutoring, and other services with Write 2 College that will earn the student the score they desire.


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