Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Jason Fried visits Purdue - Founder of 37 signals and author of Rework

April 7, 2010

Jason Fried, president and founder of 37signals drew a large crowd when he was a guest lecturer in the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Capstone class on the topic of “How to Build a World Class Brand.” At the time of his visit, his new book Rework had just hit the bestseller lists and several in the audience were able to get their hands on free copies.  The book highlights simple and counterintuitive rules for small-business success.  He is also the author of “Getting Real: The smarter, faster, easier way to build a successful web application.”  37signals, a privately-held Chicago-based company committed to building the best web-based tools possible with the least number of features necessary.  Their products include Basecamp, Highrise, Backpack, Campfire, Ta-da List, Writeboard and Ruby on Rails programming framework.  37signals weblog, Signal vs. Noise, is read by over 100,000 people every day.

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