Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Certificate Students Stand Out in Job Interviews

January 21, 2014

According to students and alumni, a Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation sets job candidates apart.  Certifcate Program students report that interviewers are frequently surprised by their business knowledge, particularly when they graduate with degrees in non-business majors.


When Megha Tiwari, who graduated in May with a degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering, interviewed with Microsoft, she used concepts learned in her Certificate Program classes to respond to questions. The interviewer shifted gears and asked her where she had learned about business models. She was quickly hired as a program manager.


"I put the 9 Building Blocks poster and Business Model Canvas poster on my desk and within a few days it was on everyone's desk. Now, when we begin to develop a new feature or product, we tend to think in terms of the canvas. Everyone in my team has the Business Model Canvas book. I never thought I would be using the skills I honed in college in the real world so soon," Tiwari says. 

"The program was an added benefit to my engineering degree," Tiwari says. "My engineering degree taught me how to make products and my entrepreneurship certificate taught me how to execute and manage my products." 

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