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Ambassadors Attend a National Conference

December 13, 2013

Three Certificate Program ambassadors (Dan Nolan, Pear Kuthlan and Kayla West) recently attended the 2013 Natonal CEO conference in Chicago, IL. The event was hosted by the College Entrepreneurs’ Organization and featured more than 80 speakers, with sessions on topics ranging from arts entrepreneurship to business models.


Kayla West (Economics Junior) shared her experience.

"This trip was extremely inspirational, and the contacts that I made during the conference were invaluable. The conference MC was Bert Gervais, and he really started off the trip on a positive note. He showed how some entrepreneurs have gone from so little to so much just by putting their effort and passion into it.

Two of my favorite breakout sessions that I attended were "Carpe Diem-- Seizing your business opportunity." This session was held by Stu Taylor of Taylor Associates. Stu was the leading distributor of commercial merchandise and he was making almost all of the profit from this type of merchandise. He had power, and he showed effective strategies on how to make huge sales. 

The other breakout session that stuck with me was "believing in yourself and your vision." Dave Alwan of Echo Valley Meats put down his entire career to focus on the show "Shark Tank." He did not get any money out of the pitch, but soon after he got over three times the amount that he was asking for from other investors. He kept pushing along because he believed in himself and his product.

I really feel like this conference changed the way that I look at business and entrepreneurship. I fully believe that it would be great to continue to give students this opportunity. I had such a great experience at the CEO conference."

The Certificate Program looks forward to supporting student particiation in the conference and other events in the future.


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