Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Shaun Greene

October 25, 2012

Major:: Electrical Engineering 

Year: Class of 2010 


•Active in many Clubs/Groups
•Currently is a Firmware Engineer for Indesign, LLC
•Future Goals are to provide technology to people that makes things easier and simplifies tasks 

Testimonial: “The ENTR program at Purdue is one of the most helpful experiences that I had in college to prepare me for the "real world."  The program’s focus on sustainable competitive advantage really helped me to understand how the technical skills I learned in my engineering degree need to be put in the perspective of market opportunities, not just engineering merit. …In just 10 months after graduating and completing the program, I starting working for a company where I've been able to pitch improvement ideas to the president , work on inbound marketing with the marketing department, and give weekly updates on my project's status to the project's investors, while working on a team that I help coordinate.” 

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