Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Dustin Rea

October 25, 2012

Major: Philosophy

Year: Senior


•Started DPWeb Group in 2010 – serves small business in US and Europe with marketing efforts
•Sole employee of the company and has done over $40k in sales
•Looking to expand company and focus only on real estate and broker markets 

Testimonial:  “The Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program has been much more than a complimentary plan of study for me.  The classes and material are great, but the professors, your peers, and your effort will determine what you get out of the program.  All of the professors I've spoken to have been more than helpful in talking with me about my business ideas and even providing real business advice for my growing start up.  The networking opportunities are the best I've had during my career at Purdue.  I believe the Entrepreneurship and Innovation courses are the most practical courses Purdue has to offer.”



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