Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation


Program Requirements

Purdue's Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program is designed with flexibility in mind. Participating students take the equivalent of five 3-credit courses in the following categories:

  • Two required "core" courses (6 credits) and either:
  • Two "option" courses and one "capstone" course or experience (9 credits) or
  • One "option" course and two "capstone" courses or experiences (9 credits)


Two Required Core Courses

ENTR 20000 (Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Innovation)
ENTR 31000, formerly 20100, (Marketing & Management for New Ventures) [Prerequisite: ENTR 20000]


Option Courses

Option courses provide in-depth information on specific disciplines or industries related to entrepreneurship. You can choose option courses from the approved list available here, or select an approved study-abroad program.


Capstone Course or Experience

Capstones provide hands-on, real-world experiences. Possible capstones include:

  • Involvement in launching your own venture through the Entrepreneurship Capstone course (ENTR 48000). [Prerequisites: ENTR 20000 and ENTR 31000]
  • Select courses that are designated "capstone" on the approved list
  • Internships through the Interns for Indiana Program.
  • Global Entrepreneurship study-abroad programs organized and led by Certificate Program faculty and staff.


Approved Course List

A list of approved courses is available at the link below. Curriculum changes each semester. Please check our Web site periodically for new additions.
Download Approved Course List


Completion Process

To enter the program, simply enroll in ENTR 20000. If you decide to pursue the certificate, you will fill out a completion plan when you're enrolled in ENTR 31000.
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