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Global and Experiential Programs

Global Program

Today, entrepreneurs working in high-growth, technology-based industries must be fluent in global business issues, including intellectual property, global markets, sourcing and supply chains, intercultural management, and communication. International experiences also can benefit entrepreneurs who plan to serve the U.S. market primarily; the increasing diversity of the U.S. population requires cross-cultural expertise in the development and marketing of new products and services for the domestic market.


SA 10705 Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The intent of this course is to provide students entrepreneurship, innovation, and product development experiences in foreign markets for new products and services [Prerequisite: ENTR 20000]. Students interact with Asian students and faculty from prestigious educational institutions as well as visit companies and business-related government organizations. This two week program abroad is preceded by a report based upon required readings and is followed with a final group report or a business proposal if taking to fulfill a capstone upon return. This course fulfills one 3-credit "option" or "capstone" course requirement for the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program and is limited to approximately 20 students each Maymester.


Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Understand China and Hong Kong's trade relations with other global economies
  • Identify current business environment, key successes and major challenges of international companies
  • Market their global experience to employers and expand future career opportunities and decisions
  • Be more culturally aware on an international level


May 2013 Study Abroad Program       

Previous Study Abroad Programs

Beijing and Hong Kong, China (May 10-24, 2013)

For more information, contact Jessie Thayer 
or click here to view a flier. 

Beijing and Hong Kong, China (May 2012)
Beijing and Hong Kong, China (May 2011)
Beijing and Shanghai, China (May 2010)
Beijing and Shanghai, China (May 2009)
Beijing, China (May 2008)
Seoul, South Korea (May 2007)


Click here to learn more about additional Purdue led study abroad opportunities that fulfill program requirements.


Other Experiential Programs


The job market for college graduates is highly concentrated and full of stiff competition. Undergraduate students must stand above their competition for successful job placement. The Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation incorporates experiential programs as possible courses to take during a students path to receive their certificate which provide an advantage point.

The intent of these experiential programs is to provide opportunities for students to interact and apply their undergraduate education through hands-on, real life experiences in an entrepreneurial and/or innovative environment. Students are able to take their traditional learning beyond the campus setting. Additionally, students are able to test out a career path. The experiential programs fulfill either a 3-credit "option" or "capstone" course requirement for the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program and are limited to:

Interns for Indiana (IFI)

  • Seeks innovative ways to keep Indiana's college graduates in Indiana. Purdue hopes to accelerate company growth by placing high quality student interns in start-up companies while providing students with valuable education experiences.
  • Please contact Monica Shively for more information at shivelmm@purdue.edu


Discovery Park Undergraduate Research Internship (DURI)

  • Designed to involve Purdue undergraduates in the interdisciplinary research environment of Discovery Park by providing opportunities for students to work with faculty working on cutting edge research projects that involve combining two or more disciplinary strengths.
  • Please contact Lisa Kirkham for more information at lkirkham@purdue.edu


Cancer Prevention Internship Program (CPIP)

  • Based upon the DURI model, engages undergraduates in cutting edge research combining two or more disciplinary strengths in cancer prevention research.
  • Please contact Amy Childress for more information at childres@purdue.edu


For general information about these experiential programs, contact:

Rita Baker, Coordinating Academic Advisor
(765) 496-7912; bakerr@purdue.edu

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