Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Certificate in Entrepreneurship


Paving a path in the business world takes perseverance, inspiration, knowledge, effective communication, and leadership abilities. Students will add turbo to their educational experience and career with discpline specific expertise and entrepreneurship education received from the Purdue Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program to leverage in their pursuit of their groundbreaking ideas, whether they are launching your own company, working in a start-up venture or spearheading new initiatives within an existing organization.



The Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation is designed to work in partnership the schools and colleges to complement a student's degree. Aimed at students with a true interest in entrepreneurship, our classes attract students from every college, school, and department at Purdue. In fact, participants view the diversity of students and talents as a key benefit of the program. Beginning with the instructors who are successful, practicing entrepreneurs, students learn robust curricula, receive mentorship and access to a rich entrepreneurial ecosystem of resources.



The Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation's series of five course and experiential programs help students excel in many different contexts through lectures, projects, special events, and presentations by successful entrepreneurs providing students with the following:

  • Practical entrepreneurship education
  • Leadership and communication skills
  • Multidisciplinary learning experiences
  • Additional educational credentials
  • Hands-on experiences for work and life
  • Enhanced job prospects and career choices


Launched in the Fall of 2005 when multidisciplinary entrepreneurship education was novel, the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation has been an instrumental leader in multidisciplinary program implementation at Purdue University and has been benchmarked on an international level. Referred to as one of the largest multidisciplinary program in the country, The Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation currently serves approximately 1,500 students every year, incorporating over 300 new students each semester. To date, nearly 4,500 students have participated in the program and by August 2013 nearly 1,300 will have received the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

The Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program is administered through the Office of the Provost and is governed by a faculty advisory committee representing each of Purdue’s ten colleges.  It is housed in the Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship.

Of students completing the program:

  • 96% report that the knowledge gained will be useful to them in their future careers
  • 90% report that it has improved their analytical, communication, and presentation skills
  • 89% report that their level of confidence to be an entrepreneur has increased
  • 23% report that they are currently involved in an entrepreneurial venture of some kind
  • 81% report that they are likely to be involved in an entrepreneurial venture in the future

Interesting facts include:

  • All ENTR designated courses are led by successful, practicing entrepreneurs.
  • 26 ENTR core courses, 1 ENTR option and 5 ENTR capstone sections (including 1 ENTR international capstone) are offered each year.
  • Nearly 100 unique approved option and/or capstone courses are offered each year.
  • Funds provided for curriculum development and enhancement
  • Mentoring Programs
  • Students from every major have participated.
  • Global experiences offered.
  • Student ambassador program.
  • Entrepreneurship Living and Learning Community.
  • Student organized and led Entrepreneurship and Innovation Club.
  • Cash prize competitions available.
  • Entrepreneurial opportunities financially supported for students.



Currently enrolled students in any major are eligible to participate in the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program. However, the program is designed for undergraduate students with approximately four semesters remaining in their academic program to allow completion of all certificate requirements. Upon completion of the requirements, students will receive an official certificate, which is also recorded on their academic transcript. For more information about requirements click here or contact:

Rita Baker, coordinating academic advisor
765-496-7912; bakerr@purdue.edu


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