Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation


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Nick Birk, Management

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Doug Booth, Management

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Jason Kienzle, Computer Graphics Technology

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Anushree Phanse, Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Yesha Shah, Agricultural & Biological Engineering

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Jacob Son, Biology

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Jackson Troxel, Agricultural Economics



Nick Birk, Management


What do you like most about the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program?

The Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program has opened my eyes to real world business solutions. This program is the most effective part of my curriculum by providing start to finish education from writing business plans to opening new venues. Nick can be reached at nbirk@purdue.edu.


Doug Booth, Managment


What did you learn from the Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation Study Abroad Program?

The Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation Study Abroad Program gave me the opportunity to see what life and business is like on the other side of the world. It was fascinating to get the scoop on what makes the Chinese culture tick and how we can use our similarities and differences to change the world. Learning about cultural variations and being able to see them first hand not only improved by networking and relationship skills as a business man, but also enhanced by potential for success in today's global market place. Doug can be reached at booth1@purdue.edu.


Jason Kienzle, Computer Graphics Technology


What do you like most about the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program?

My favorite thing about Certificate Program is the overwhelming, in a good way, collective sense of creativity and adventurousness from every student and faculty member in the program. New business concepts, ideas, and products are constantly being encouraged and cultivated. The Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program is a melting pot of brilliant minds. Jason can be reached at jkienzl@purdue.edu.

anushree Hight

Anushree Phanse, Electrical and Computer Engineering


What is the most fun activity you've done at Purdue? 

I will definitely miss being around very creative and talented people from all over the world and all different kinds of interests, a pool that is hard to have once you are in a specific job profile at a specific workplace. I will also miss the wonderful mentors and professors I have had through my major as well as the ENTR department. But most of all I will miss fountain runs! Anushree can be reached at aphanse@purdue.edu.


Yesha Shah, Agricultural and Biological Engineering


What is your dream job?  

My dream job is to be an entrepreneur in the Food & Health-Care industry. As an entrepreneur with engineering background, I would like to be involved in the total operation of the business, from concept to design and creation, from sales to business operations and customer response. As an entrepreneur, I would like to create opportunities for others to make a contribution and reward their thinking to make a difference in this world and still be my own boss! Yesha can be reached at yjshah@purdue.edu.


Jacob Son, Biology


Why did you find beneficial about your internship?  

I participated in the Discovery Park Undergraduate Research Internship Experience. I learned a great deal about the bridge between science, and industry.  This experience opened my eyes to the new and exciting world of taking an idea in the lab and turning it into a prosperous business endeavor.  In addition to participating in a multidisiplinary research project, I had the opportunity to hear from individuals who took their research ideas and turned them into business models.  The experience overall encouraged me to participate in the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program. Jacob can be reached at json@purdue.edu.


Jackson Troxel, Agricultural Economics


What do you like most about the Certificate in Entrepreneurship & Innovation?

Being in the ENTR Certificate Program challenges you to think in ways that you may have never thought before. Instead of just thinking passively about becoming an entrepreneur and starting a business after you get your degree, you sit down with a group and hash out ideas. Then you actually do the research and analysis behind your ideas to see if they are feasible. Being in the ENTR Certificate allows you to get a feel for the process of taking an idea to an actual functioning business, the true entrepreneurial mind-set. Jackson can be reached at jtroxel@purdue.edu.


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