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Job Opportunities

  • Engineers with Aero or Mechanical Experience

    GEA is now in the process of ramping up its NPI engineering capability and is looking for several engineers with aero or mechanical expertise in combustion, emissions or fuel nozzles. There are a range of positions immediately available for recent graduates to senior engineers with 10+ yrs experience, as well as some engineering management openings. All of these positions require status as a US person for export control reasons.

    Contact Information:

    Michael Benjamin, PhD
    Senior Staff Engineer/Technologist
    Combustor Aero Technology & design

    T 513.243.0252
    D *332.0252

    For more information:
  • ME/Chem E Graduate Student Opportunities - This work is supported by and ARPA-E Grant

    Sustainable Energy Solutions is developing a carbon capture technology to separate CO2 from fossil-fueled power plants. The process is called Cryogenic Carbon Capture, and it works by cooling the flue gas down to -135 degrees C where 99% of the CO2 desublimates out of the gas. We are looking for a Chemical or Mechanical Engineer with a gook knowledge of heat and mass transfer, thermodynamics, and CAD design. Anyone with experience designing heat exchangers is preferable.

    Their website,, has a general description of the process, but keep in mind the process has been greatly modified from the flow diagram shown as it may not be updated until patents are filed. If interested, please contact Chris Bence at

  • Sr. Researcher in Gas Turbine Heat Transfer for GE in Schenectady, NY

    For more information please contact Sarah Zesmer

About the Energy Center

The Center’s mission is to grow the Purdue energy research and education enterprise. We engage researchers and students in a community that delivers new discoveries and develops disruptive technologies with national and global impact.

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