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Purdue Gas Turbine Combustion Facility

Purdue Gas Turbine Combustion Facility (GTCF). Developed by: Bob Lucht and Colleagues

Gas Turbines

Purdue has a strong research program in gas turbine research. Profs. Key and Paniagua are investigating compressors and turbines, respectively, for power-generating gas turbines. Profs. Lucht, Slabaugh, Heister, and Meyer are studying advanced combustion concepts for future power-generating gas turbine systems.  Prof. Anderson performs research on combustion instabilities in these systems. The research of these faculty members is characterized by the extensive use of advanced high-speed laser diagnostics including particle imaging velocimetry and planar laser-induced fluorescence. The power-generating gas turbine research efforts will be greatly enhanced by the installation of a new air heater system, providing non-vitiated air to the test rigs at temperatures as high as 1100 K and flow rates up to 4 kg/s, and by the new test rig facility that will come online in early 2017.


Anderson, William.jpg

William Anderson (AAE)
Chemical propulsion and design methodologies


Carson Slabaugh.jpg

Carson Slabaugh

Turbulent Combustion, Detonations, Thermo-Acoustic Instability, High-Bandwidth Measurement Techniques

Key, Nicole.jpg

Nicole Key

Aerothermal aspects of turbomachinery; Axial and radial compressor performance; fluid mechanics

Lucht, Robert.jpg

Robert Lucht

Gas turbine and internal engine combustion; Fluid mechanics &  heat transfer


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Denver Lopp

Turbine Engine Operation; Human factors research

Meyer, Terrence.jpg

Terrence Meyer

Experimental investigations of sprays; combustion, and high-speed flows


Paniagua, Guilermo.jpg

Guilermo Paniagua

Compact high speed turbomachinery; High speed propulsion


Technical Contact

Robert (Bob) Lucht
Ralph and Bettye Bailey Professor for Combustion in Mechanical Engineering

Collaborating Laboratories

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About the Energy Center

The Center’s mission is to grow the Purdue energy research and education enterprise. We engage researchers and students in a community that delivers new discoveries and develops disruptive technologies with national and global impact.


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