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Kirk, Alter.jpg

Kirk Alter

Home energy conservation, Indiana weatherization program

Braun, James.jpg

James Braun

Modeling, analysis, and control of thermal systems

Chen, Quingyan.jpg

Quingyan Chen

Indoor air quality (IAQ), energy analysis, building ventilation systems

Davies, Patricia.jpg

Patricia Davies

Sound quality

Garimella, Suresh.jpg

Suresh Garimella

High-performance Cooling technologies, solar thermal energy storage

Groll, Eckhard.jpg

Eckhard Groll

HVAC&R systems & equipment

Horton, Travis.jpg

Travis Horton

Energy efficiency of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings

Hutzel, William.jpg

William Hutzel

HVAC, Building automation, renewable energy systems, Net Zero Energy Buildings

Karava, Panagiota.jpg

Panagiota Karava

Natural/Hybrid ventilation, sustsainable building construction, wind effects on buildings

Qu,  Ming.jpg

Ming Qu

Solar heating and cooling systems, sustainable building design and analysis

Shaurette, Mark.jpg

Mark Shaurette

Demolition & Reconstruction Management

Tzempelikos, Athansios.jpg

Athansios Tzempelikos

Dynamic facades, shading design & control, solar energy applications

Technical Contact

Dr. James Braun
Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Collaborating Laboratories

Cooling Technologies Research Center (CTRC)
Solar Absorption Cooling & Heating System in Bowen Laboratory (SACH)

About the Energy Center

The Center’s mission is to grow the Purdue energy research and education enterprise. We engage researchers and students in a community that delivers new discoveries and develops disruptive technologies with national and global impact.


Maureen McCann

Director, Energy Center,
Global Sustainability Institute

Pankaj Sharma

Managing Director, Energy Center,
Global Sustainability Institute

Mann Hall, Rm 105
203 South Martin Jischke Dr.
Purdue University
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