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BCM 499 - Expanding Contractor Expertise in Smart Grid Technologies

This course covers topics in smart grid technologies for all aspects of the power generation, transmission and distribution system, including high voltage transmission line and distribution construction, for students in Purdue’s construction programs and industrial contractors interested in smart grid technologies.

Course Materials

BCM 499 Fall 2011 - Distributed Generation.pdf

BCM 499 Fall 2011 - HV Equipment Smartgrid Considerations.pdf

BCM 499 Fall 2011 - Power Grid Basics and Smart Grid Definition.pdf

CIB W099 Hubbard Safety.pdf

ICCREM2012 Qian Hubbard.pdf

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The Center’s mission is to grow the Purdue energy research and education enterprise. We engage researchers and students in a community that delivers new discoveries and develops disruptive technologies with national and global impact.


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