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The Duke Energy Academy at Purdue for High-Achieving Students and Outstanding Science Teachers


By 2030, the global demand for energy will have increased by 50% based on the predicted human population increase, and  compounding factors of climate change, urbanization and increasing prosperity. A secure energy future, both in the United States and abroad, needs solutions that diversify an energy portfolio from dependence on diminishing fossil fuel reserves. Unfortunately, we face a national crisis in the number and quality of students entering the STEM disciplines that will have a future impact on our nation’s ability to lead the world in the energy sector. To address these issues, Purdue University has launched an Energy Academy to inspire high school students and teachers in energy sciences and engineering. The Energy Academy at Purdue will:

Conduct a week-long course in summer on STEM-related energy topics areas of power generation, transportation, power transmission, energy efficiency and new research frontiers

Lectures: Guest speakers from Purdue, industry, and government will address energy-related topics of current interest and actively engage participants in open discussions.
Tours: Examples include visit to a coal plant, wind/solar farm, nuclear reactor, waste digester, propulsion and smart-metering laboratory.
Projects: A few student teams will work on energy-related research projects (hands on) based on STEM disciplines while others will participate in a team-based energy policy debate challenge. Teachers will develop STEM-based lesson plans that may be used as teaching modules for their classrooms.
Hands-on and demonstration: Examples include role of chemical catalysts in energy, application of nanotechnology in harnessing solar and thermal energy, improving energy efficiency in buildings and vehicles.  

Provide resources and incentives to promote teacher and student activities in continuous engagement

• The lecture notes, and PowerPoint slides will be posted on the web site for future reference.
• The Energy Academy is developing a web site where students and teachers will find many other energy related educational resources including simulation & modeling tools in understanding and designing better energy systems.
• The Energy Academy will encourage and assist students & teachers to launch energy clubs in their schools.
• A selected number of teachers will be asked to return to Purdue campus to share their experience in designing and delivering energy lessons in their class rooms.

How to Apply

Applications to the Duke Energy Academy 2014 are accepted through our online system. To apply click here.

You will receive a confirmation in your registered e-mail address once your application is received.

If you have difficulties accessing the online application process or you have questions about your application form, please contact us by e-mail via or by phone via (765) 494-1610.

Once you have been accepted into the program, if you have any questions regarding housing, insurance, university facilities, or travel, please contact  the Purdue Conference Division at (800) 955-6385 ; 

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