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Kyoung-Shin Choi

Contact Information

BRWN 5130B
Department of Chemistry
College of Science
West Lafayette, IN 47907



Our research focuses on design, synthesis, and characterization of semiconducting and metallic crystals and thin film-type electrodes with controlled micro- and nano-structures for use in electrochemical and photoelectrochemical devices e.g. photoelectrochemical cells, fuel cells, and rechargeable batteries, and sensors. This research combines disciplines of inorganic chemistry, solid state chemistry, electrochemistry, materials chemistry, and nano-scale science.  

Expertise: Advanced electrochemical systems




B.S., Seoul National University, 1993M.S., Seoul National University, 1995

Ph.D., Michigan State University, 2000

Postdoctoral Research Associate, 2000-2002, University of California, Santa Barbara.


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