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Nathan Mosier

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POTR 220
Department of Agricultural & Biological Engineering
Laboratory of Renewable Resources Engineering
West Lafayette, IN 47907


Several technological hurdles must be overcome to before cellulosic ethanol will be economically competitive with corn-based ethanol and gasoline, at current prices. These technological hurdles include crop development, processing technologies, infrastructure development, materials handling solutions, microbial genetics, and enzyme development. Dr. Mosier is contributing to these efforts at the interface of basic science and bioprocess engineering applications. Bioprocessing technologies which combine biotechnology with process engineering is a key factor in integrating plant, microbial, and enzyme developments with practical applications for industrial use. Dr. Mosier�s key research areas are in the area of hydrolyzing cellulosic biomass to produce fermentable sugars, how this step is integrated with pretreatment technology, improved crop traits for bioprocessing, and the fermentation of both hexose and pentose sugars to ethanol. 

Dr. Mosier's research addresses fundamental topics in bioprocessing and bionanotechnology with current projects in bio-processing and enzyme mimicking catalysts for transforming renewable resources to fuels and chemicals, modeling hexose and pentose fermentation to ethanol in metabolically engineered yeast, and improving pretreatment technologies for efficient cellulose conversion to fermentable sugars.  

Expertise: Cellulose and hemicellulose biomimetic catalyst development, Cellulose pretreatment, Fermentation modeling




B.S., BioSystems Engineering, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, 1997 
M.S., Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Purdue University, 2000 
Ph.D., Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Purdue University, 2003


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