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Purdue University's Power Pool Development Group (PPDG) is a product of the work of Purdue's State Utility Forecasting Group (SUFG), having policy analysis application to international regional electricity markets.

The first major electricity trade modeling project, outside of the United States, was with the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP). This work was funded by the USAID, with much interest and general support from the U.S. Department of Energy and The World Bank.

Following the successful work with SAPP, international project work is developing in West Africa and other regions.

Many countries around the world have yet to develop the capacity for construction and use of suitable electricity policy analytical tools and so the activities of the PPDG are being instrumental in promoting programs of collaboration with governments, utilities, and universities in other countries. These collaborative international modeling activities encourage regional cooperation and provide a substantial quantitative basis, together with hands-on training with the long-term and short-term electricity trade models, on which to build improved regional electricity trading policies with potential enormous cost saving options from more efficient planning, collective construction and closer regional integration.

Click here for background information on the history of electric utilities, deregulation and restructuring of U.S. electricity markets.

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