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The long-term electricity planning model uses both integer and linear mathematical programming techniques. GAMS (General Algebraic Modeling System) and CPLEX solvers are employed to write and execute the mathematical code. All of the formulation that structures the modeling code is found in detail in the USER MANUAL.

The mathematical programming for power pool policy analysis can be either in an integer or linear mode. With the integer mode, this means that the optimization and project selection process will require the consideration of complete generation units to be constructed. This mode of operation is required in a final planning analysis, but the linear mode, which permits portions of a generating unit to be built, is very helpful since it shows the optimal tendencies in the selection of the generation technology and preferred unit sizes. The linear mode of the model also requires much less time in its execution and it is the version used here.

GAMS was developed to provide a high-level language for the compact representation of large and complex models. It allows changes to be made in the model specifications simply and safely, and can be easily used by economists and engineers, as well as programmers. GAMS is designed to make concise algebraic statements of models in a language that is easily read by the modeller and the computer.

CPLEX is a commercial software solver, used with GAMS, for executing the billions upon billions of optimizing iterations in order to arrive at the optimal least-cost construction solution.


(1) User Manual

(2) Purdue August 2002 Workshop Manual

(3) General Training Manual for the Long-Term Planning Model: Edition 2.1, July 2003 -- English Version

(4) General Training Manual for the Long-Term Planning Model: Edition 1, October 2000 -- French Version
[Both versions are downloadable files in PDF format]

(5) General Training Manual for the Purdue Long-Term Electricity Trading Model: Edition 2.4, October 2003 (only available in an English version)

(6) Format for Annual Reporting Using the Long-Term Electricity Trade and Capacity Expansion Model

(7) GUI Developers Manual 2004

(8) DC Power Flow & Transmission Networks, March 2006

(9) Run of River Hydro-Power GAMS Model, June 2009

To obtain copies of the following model files, contact Brian Bowen at .

(A) 7 Country Generic Model

(B) Interface and SAPP Model Files

(C) WAPP Models


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