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A Briefing ... December 11-12, 2008

U.S. produced coal supplies 49% of the basic energy needs for the nation's total electricity demand, providing secure, sustainable, and cheap supplies for the U.S. economy. In Indiana coal supplies 95% of the energy needs to fuel the state's electric power generators. Without coal the economy of the nation and state would collapse. As we look towards diversifying power generation technologies and the sources of basic energy supplies the dependence on coal will be staying with us for many decades yet to come, until alternative, appropriate, safe designs are operational. How to promote therefore the use of clean coal technologies in coming years is of importance to us all and this was the reason for the December 11-12 Coal Briefing at Purdue Calumet, to face up to and address this challenge, so maintaining and strengthening America's industrial economy.


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Meeting Content Questions:

Marty W. Irwin, Director
Center for Coal Technology Research

Brian H. Bowen
Associate Director, CCTR

Meeting Logistics Questions:

Barbara Gotham
Administrative Assistant, CCTR

Kathy Walters
Conference Coordinator