Energy Center - CCTR

Indiana Center for Coal Technology Research
Presentations to the Advisory Panel Meeting
June 5, 2007
Purdue North Central Campus, Westville, Indiana

  1. Illinois Clean Coal Research - R.H. Carty, Illinois Clean Coal Institute

  2. A Prescriptive Analysis of the Indiana Coal Transportation Infrastructure - T. Brady, C. Pfitzer, K. Sinha, Purdue University

  3. Oxy-Fuel Combustion: Clean Coal - S. Son, K. Cramer, Purdue University

  4. Coking/Coal Gasification Using Indiana Coal for the Production of Metallurgical Coke, Liquid Transportation Fuels, and Electric Power - R. Kramer, Purdue University

  5. Synfuel Park for NSA Crane Feasibility Study - M. Irwin, B. Bowen, CCTR

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