Energy Center - CCTR

Indiana Center for Coal Technology Research
Presentations to the Advisory Panel Meeting
August 30, 2006
West Lafayette, Indiana

  1. "The Role of Fischer Tropsch Fuels for the US Military," William E. Harrison III, Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson AFB

  2. "Coal Essentials for the Future," Marty W. Irwin, Director, CCTR

  3. "Investigating the Production and Use of Transportation Fuels from Indiana Coals," F.T. Sparrow, Coal Transformation Laboratory, Energy Center at Discovery Park, Purdue University

  4. "Assessment of the Quality of Indiana Coal for Integrated Gasificiation Combined Cyle Performance (IGCC)," M. Mastalerz, A. Drobniak, J. Rupp, and N. Shaffer, Indiana Geological Survey, Indiana University

  5. "Synfuel Park Feasibility Study," Ronald L. Rardin, Purdue Energy Modeling Research Groups, Purdue University

  6. "Coking/Coal Gasificiation Using Indiana Coal for the Production of Metallurgical Coke, Liquid Transportation Fuels, and Electric Power," Robert Kramer, Energy Efficiency and Reliability Center, Purdue University, Calumet

  7. "A Prescriptive Analysis of the Indiana Coal Transportation Infrastructure," Tom Brady (Purdue North Central, Chad Pfitzer (Purdue Extension), and K. Sinha (JTRP, School of Civil Engineering), Purdue University

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