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Indiana Center for Coal Technology Research
Presentations to the Advisory Panel Meeting
June 1, 2006
Terre Haute, Indiana

  1. "2006 Activities Update," Marty Irwin, CCTR Director

  2. "The Case for IGCC," Kay Pashos, President, Duke Energy Indiana

  3. "Transportation Fuels from Coal," F.T. Sparrow, Coal Transformation Laboratory, Energy Center at Discovery Park, Purdue University

  4. "Policy Incentives to Stimulate Investment in Conversion of Coal to Liquid Fuels," Wally Tyner, Department of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University

  5. "Production Issues and Fischer-Tropsch Commercialization," Fabio Ribeiro, School of Chemical Engineering, College of Engineering; and Hilkka Kenttamaa, Department of Chemistry, College of Science, Purdue University

  6. "Usage Issues and Fischer-Tropsch Commercialization," Diesel Engine Research: John Abraham (ME), Jim Caruthers (CHE); Gas Turbine Research: Steve Heister (AAE), Bill Anderson (AAE), Jay Gore (ME), Yuan Zheng (ME), Bob Lucht (ME), Purdue University

  7. "Environmental Issues and Fischer-Tropsch Commercialization," Linda S. Lee, Department of Agronomy, Purdue University

  8. "Coal Cost Reduction Using Low Rank Coals," Hardarshan S. Valia, Coal Science Inc., Highland, IN

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