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One of the main goals of the USCEES is to link potential technological solutions developed in our member academic institutions and companies to address sustainability problems encountered in industry, government, and society. To facilitate this process, we are partnering with Purdue’s Global Business Engagement (GBE) office who, through direct Chinese corporate and officials contacts, connects Purdue technology and Indiana firms, to potential markets in China. Below is a list of R&D and technology needs of Chinese companies seeking environmentally sustainable solutions. We encourage Indiana companies that have potential solutions to these challenges to review the list and contact us (attn.: Mark Van Fleet—mvanfleet@purdue.edu) if you wish to pursue these opportunities. Please reference the specific “need number”.

Need No. Chinese Companies Seeking Technological Solutions

1, Simulation of reactor working state in metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) equipment used for the manufacturing of light emitting diode (LED). Utilization of analog devices to simulate the working conditions of the horizontal pipe furnace and heater power of each section. Simulation of the the length and diameter of the furnace-pipe diameter, temperature distribution, the thermocouple position and other parameter relationships

2, Bernoulli ultra-thin sucker with the thickness not exceeding 5 - 6mm and the suction about 50gf


A company engaged in the research and development of biomass fuels looking to optimize:

1, biomass carbonization equipment

2, biomass carbon shaping equipment

3, biomass carbon boiler equipment processing


1, introduction of advanced and mature technology in new energies and new materials, making international cooperation in science and technology in the way of cooperation development and technology shares.


A company seeking cooperation in development of membrane material for treatment of very acidic waste water / electrodialysis technology, heavy metals waste water recycling technology, CFC-ion removal technology, desulfurization of low-concentration sulfur dioxide flue gas, high- concentration chloride ion removal technique in wastewater.


A company seeking cooperation in development of flue gas mercury removal technology, high-concentration ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment technology, and a variety of physical, chemical and biological technologies required by different depth treatments in industrial wastewater, to make the waste water meeting the requirement of industrial reuse water after treatment.


A company seeking cooperation in: 1, the technology transfer, development, and industrialization of microbial flocculants; 2, product marketing and sales of anhydrous ecological toilet products.


A company seeking cooperation in advanced technology transfer or R & D cooperation specifically in the fields of urban solid waste disposal, recovery of heavy metal pollution in soil, and high-concentration sewage / wastewater processing to solve industry bottlenecks and high economic cost in the application process of demonstration sites in different fields.


A company seeking cooperation to enhance the system integration and reliability of mobile power car with wind fuel hybrid power, and improve the main technical performance indicators, including the switch in and off speed, wind energy utilization.


A company seeking cooperation in LED display technology, LED lamps cooling technology, output power and luminous flux, the second optical design, thermal design and power/voltage regulator system design.


A company engaged in SED light production line, the wind turbine production line, controller, the traffic lights production line, the production of composed efficient solar energy lighting system supplies seeking efficient, energy-saving lighting system. Desires to improve the energy-saving rate by more than 2%, and extend the life of the system.


Solar and building integrated smart controller in the intelligent control system for hot water engineering, with a variety of functions such as water feeding, heating mode, hot water circulation, high and low temperature protection.


This enterprise is mainly engaged in the R&D of lithium-ion power battery and energy solutions, with the demands for: R & D and industrialization of the energy-storage system for new wind and luminous energy complementary street light.


This enterprise is mainly engaged in environmental protection, technical advice and other services. In the field of waste water, waste gas treatment, it has its own proprietary technology, including its own patented products in jet aerator, efficient flotation machine. This company seeks: 1, cooperation in a variety of advanced environmental technologies, especially in soil remediation, watershed management and other technologies; 2, seeking strategic investors, by use of the existing brand, qualification, channels and other advantages, to combine with the advanced foreign technology.


The enterprise is mainly engaged in the R&D and production of noise controller, energy saving and heat exchanger, smoke and dust removal equipment and ventilation equipment, such as fans, with demand for advanced and practical technology and equipment in desulfurization, denitrification.


Key technologies for developing the self-cleaning water-resistant honeycomb active carbon among the air pollution control materials, with demand for solutions that can transform itself into toxic substances such as water, carbon dioxide under mild conditions.


A company seeking a spray to clear the formaldehyde and other harmful gases from furniture after decoration, with low toxicity and low cost.


Technologies in production of fireproof, waterproof, zero-formaldehyde ecological straw sheets, that meet certain requirements in moisture content, density, surface binding strength and other indicators


This company focuses on the R&D works of novel technologies and their applications in the field of environmental protection. Various types of coatings, dry-mixed mortar series, the inorganic antibacterial agent, the new wall and decorative materials, resource comprehensive utilization technology, building energy-saving insulation technology and other research in the field. They seek cooperation on a waste system for the content of building materials, seeking international cooperation.


This company seeks international cooperation in food waste treatment and resource requirements:

1, introduction of talents and training;

2, To carry out technical exchanges, and seminars with academics;

3, to collaborate on projects.


This company seeks in-depth diverse cooperation with leading enterprises of environment monitoring technical products in the world and introduce in technologies and products.

Including flue gas monitoring technical products, VOC online monitoring technical products, atmospheric heavy metal online monitoring technical products and etc


This company seeks standardization and segmentation of new technologies and products, expansion of product export.


During breeding of crops, molecular marker-aided breeding technology could improve remarkably the directional breeding level of plants. China is only now developing molecular breeding technologies and lacks expertise in the precise positioning of genes of target traits and only a few actual molecular markers have independent intellectual property. Through technical introduction and R&D cooperation this company seeks to develop pragmatic molecular markers with independent intellectual property in China and improve the technical level of Chinese molecular breeding on basis of advanced molecular marking technologies.


This company's Ecology and Environment Division is specializes in the design, consultancy and general contracting of sewage treatment, mud disposal and environmental protection machinery and equipment.

The Company’s water treatment products include mainly four parts: sewage treatment, mud treatment, water supply treatment and recycled water treatment. Sewage treatment equipment include suspension chain mobile aerator, tube aerator, decanter, mud dehydration band-type press filer, integrated hose-type mud concentration press filter, efficient air floating device, continuous polymer agent instant dissolving machine and semi-automatic polymer agent instant dissolving machine. The Company is also the Team Leader for the topic of “Urban Sewage A2O Treatment Equipment Set Study” in State 863 Program (Project No.: 2004AA601010).

The Company has drafted “Urban Sewage Treatment Plant’s Optimum Feasible Technical Guidance on Sewage Treatment” promulgated by State Ministry of Environmental Protection and is the compiler of the first batch of industrial standards of special equipment for sewage treatment and provides a complete range of services including technical consultancy, project contracting, manufacture of non-standard dedicated equipment for mud disposal and relevant fields for customers home and abroad. Mud treatment equipment include mainly large turning and casting machine, chain-type turning and stacking machine, centrifugal turning and stacking machine, mixer, spreader, belt-type air flow drier, dedicated granulator, multi-spiral conveyor, warehouse transfer machine, which are extensively applied to industries and fields including civic, papermaking, pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing, leather, beer, brewing, chemical and coal.

The Company has a technical demand in mud and waste treatment through international cooperation and hopes to have cooperation in technical fields of sewage, mud and waste treatment from all aspects with partners in Europe and the USA, particularly Germany, the USA, Canada, Holland, Italy, Spain, France, Japan and etc through our advantages in manufacturing environmental protection machinery and exploring domestic environmental protection market.


This company seeks R&D cooperation on testing of service life and evaluation of reliability of LED lighting products, joint study on testing and evaluation methods of LED lighting products, solving the problem of low operability, incompatible with the development speed of product technologies.

They seek strategic investors regarding: the building of an international efficient lighting technical center, partners for the development and building of a lighting inspection laboratory, development of lighting inspection and evaluation technologies, technical support for government policy and recommendations and etc.


This company seeks a technical/product R&D partner and distributor of organic sewage treatment equipment.


Look for technical transfer or permit of new technologies, new processes and new products in fields of water treatment (industrial waste water, civic sewage), ecological recovery (recovery of water bodies in lakes and wet lands, recovery of soil in polluted land), and hope to have joint R&D, production and distribution with international famous enterprises engaging in R&D of water treatment technologies or equipment, recovery of large water bodies and polluted land.


(1). International promotion of design and building technologies of underground large sewage treatment plant, underground large sewage treatment plant has the feature of saving land area, advanced processes, high degree of automation, and high value added, particularly suitable for reform of sewage treatment plants in old urban area;

(2) R&D of efficient energy-saving sewage treatment equipment, including efficient blower, efficient microporous aerator;

(3) R&D on technologies for turning kitchen garbage to resource, including extraction and deep processing of oil and methane.


Advanced technologies and products play a critical role in preventing environmental deterioration in the field of energy-saving environmental-protection membrane technologies. Strengthening international technical cooperation and transfer, building an effective mechanism of technical cooperation and sharing globally benefits resulting from technical development will boost actively the R&D, application and transfer of technologies addressing the environmental change. The Company hopes to remove obstacles in aspects of policy, mechanism, procedure, capital and protection of intellectual property existing in technical cooperation and establish incentive measures like International Technical Cooperation Fund to carry out smoothly technical cooperation and transfer to ensure that more countries could adopt more advanced environment-friendly technologies.

The company has following demand of international cooperation:

(1) Technical transfer or partner in technical or product R&D cooperation

1) Cooperation in transfer of advanced technologies. To further improve the Company’s product performance, technical strength and product competitiveness, look for cooperation opportunities for transfer of advanced technologies in the trade home and abroad, absorb and utilize international scientific and technological resource to the utmost extent. Moreover, the Company has been improving its R&D strength gradually in recent years and has obtained several independent intellectual properties. It looks for various types of cooperation in the field of water treatment. Major fields include: regenerating technologies of waste and old membrane, technologies of high-performance reverse osmosis products, energy-saving, consumption-reducing membrane and scale production technologies

2) Look for technical/product R&D partner. The Company has been improving its R&D strength gradually in recent years and has foundations and conditions to conduct international scientific and technological cooperation in a higher platform. The enterprise would like to make use of global resources of scientific and technological innovation and hi-end technical staff and overcome jointly international difficulties in fields of water treatment by membrane materials and membrane equipment and meanwhile improve the enterprise’s capability and level of independent innovation. Major demands include: joint development of new high-performance anti-polluting membrane materials, manufacture technologies of new energy-saving consumption-reducing membrane assembly and membrane bioreactor, development of reverse osmosis membrane materials and products for turning sewage into resources.

(2) International cooperation for capability building

1) Development of human resources: include mainly: training of staff on management of membrane technology projects, international exchange, disciplinary building, and cultivation of professional skills.

2) Technical transfer and cooperation: include mainly: timely follow up of international dynamics of technical development, effective identification and evaluation of advanced technologies applicable to membrane field, boost the analysis on measures of technical transfer and cooperation, boost the capacity in assimilating and absorbing transferred technologies.

3) Informatization building: include mainly: membrane technology information database cluster, network-based membrane technology information sharing, application-guided membrane technology information service system, public benefit information service system, develop industrialized information service system, build capacity in international information exchange and cooperation.

(3) Look for international marketing partner

Along with rapid growth of MBR market, the company hopes to build friendly partnership with international environmental protection organizations and enterprises, promote the Company’s internationalization process and increase its share in the international market. As to exploration of the international market, the Company will focus mainly on international marketing of products (look for international distributor) and process promotion, project cooperation (with international companies of water treatment works).


1. The Department has accumulated rich experience in brown coal’s drying and quality improvement technologies, coal slime drying and utilization technologies, 50~300MW CFB boiler design, CFB boiler internal antifriction technologies, optimization and adjustment of CFB boiler operation, design and reform of CFB boiler lime transport system, design and reform of CFB boiler’s SNCR denitration system, design and reform of CFB boiler’s cold slag system, experiment, startup and adjustment of CFB boiler’s performance experiment and could provide plan design, technical support and mature products for relevant projects home and abroad.

2. The Department has carried out a large amount of experiment and research work regarding comprehensive use of high-sodium coal in Huaidong region of China and hopes to work jointly with international organisms depending on relevant research experience to solve difficulties regarding domestic use of high-sodium coal.


Molten carbonate fuel cell is a new generation of efficient and clean power generation technology and could combine with coal gasification technologies and gas turbine’s power generation technologies to build IGFC combined cycle power generation system, with power generation efficiency above 65% and bright prospect. The Institute has now built IGCC Demonstrative Power Station and Coal Gasification Hydrogen-Making and CO2 Capture Green Coal Power Laboratory in Tianjin, to demonstrate coal gasification, hydrogen-making, fuel cell power generation, and CO2 capture near-zero emission power generation technologies.

The Institute has got certain foundations in research of molten carbonate fuel cell technologies and built the laboratory with advanced equipment, and hopes to look for cooperation in transfer of advanced technologies for production of critical parts in large-area molten carbonate fuel cells and design of cell-aided system and develop molten carbonate fuel cell power generation system of large power.


Hope to cooperate with advantageous enterprises and organizations home and abroad from aspects of transfer of advanced technologies and production in fields of intelligent building, green building, industrial energy conservation, building energy conservation and new energy (solar energy, energy storage and other new technologies) and push forward joint development, mutual benefits and win-win cooperation of both parties.


1. Hope to cooperate in transfer of hi-end technologies regarding LED lighting, drive and backlight circuit or joint R&D;

2. Look for technical transfer or joint R&D in field of touchpad’s control chip.


Research on Key Technology in Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler Utilizing Biomass Fuel

From the beginning of 1970s, reserves of coal, oil and natural gas decreased rapidly because of large-scale exploitation. It is predicted that fossil fuel on the earth will be exhausted in the near future. At present, finding of alternative energy has attracted widespread attention in the world.

Biomass is organic matter formed by direct or indirect photosynthesis of green plant. Biomass includes plant, animal, microorganism and their metabolite. It is a kind of renewable energy. The source of biomass is extensive. The reserve of biomass is fourth next to coal, oil and natural gas. It is predicted by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) that 60% of electric power and 40% of fuel will be provided by biomass in 2050s. In the various methods of biomass energy conversion technology, direct combustion is most feasible method of biomass utilization. Biomass is the unique fuel which is renewable and could be stored and transported directly. Meanwhile, it could achieve CO2 zero discharge. Worldwide researchers pay close attention to fluidized bed boiler (CFB) because of the advantages of alternative fuel, waste disposal and environment protection. Developing and designing CFB boiler utilizing biomass fuel has already become present research focus.

Combustion test of typical biomass fuel was carried out on 1MWth CFB combustion test-rig of this Chinese research institute. The special research on biomass fuel of fuel feeding, stable combustion characteristic, burnout characteristic, coking characteristic and gaseous pollutants(SO2, NOX, etc.) emission were carried out. The physico-chemical characteristic, combustion characteristic and pollutant emission characteristic have been mastered completely. The important theoretical basis was provided for industrialization of CFB boiler utilizing biomass fuel.

There are many problems such as thermodynamic calculation of boiler, stable combustion, feeding system, load capability of boiler, boiler thermal efficiency, corrosion of alkali metal and ash deposition in biomass fuel CFB boiler which have been put into commercial operation in China. Coking in dense phase zone, clogging in Loop seal system and starting deflagration occurred in individual power plants. According to above problems, there is wide cooperation requirement at home and abroad.


Relying on the corporative and scientific strength of this company in the field of energy technology, making full use of global resources, and participating in international competition and cooperation actively so as to obtain advanced clean energy technology projects. International cooperation could enhance the scientific and technological innovation capacity of the state-owned enterprises, helping to construct the global influential National Energy Technology Innovation Center and world-class high-tech R&D platform in the field of clean energy, promoting the research development and demonstration of cutting-edge technology in clean energy generation, driving the upgrading and optimization of industrial structure, and providing technical support for the sustainable development of the company and power industry in China.


Demand of international technological cooperation: look for R&D cooperation in technologies of solar lighting and heating, photovoltaic, integrated system of solar energy and building, win international solar energy cooperation projects, carry out international exchange and cooperation in technology and trading, boost outward output of technological achievements, introduce in, assimilate and absorb international advanced technologies, solve key core issues, achieve leap-forward development, engage actively in international technical exchange and cooperation, attend actively international solar energy technical seminars and product exhibitions, and share new technologies, new products and latest research achievements and information.

Strengthen cooperation with international and regional scientific and technological organizations, attend actively international cooperation and competition in technologies and economy, look for opportunities in study and application of renewable energy, particularly solar energy, domestic and international technical cooperation and testing, technical consultancy and exchange, new product R&D and testing, promotion of solar energy technologies. Conduct target management and international cooperation depending on the platform of UN Industrial Development Organization International Solar Energy Technology Transfer Promotion Center, bring along the rapid development of solar energy sector in Beijing and make contribution in building Beijing into the center for R&D of solar energy technologies, high-end manufacture and application exhibition. Through promotion and demonstration, expand continuously the industry’s field, introduce new products and technologies to domestic or even international market, push forward and guide the development of solar energy sector in Beijing, and make contributions for the development of national new energy sector.


1. Cooperation in technology of thin-film photovoltaic equipment manufacturing

The manufacture of thin-film photovoltaic core equipment is classified as the technology-intensive industry, it requires not only large amount of investment into R&D chain from enterprise, but also close-up of marketing demand and mastering of industrial competition rules. The manufacturing of core equipment represents the most advanced technologies in the world, featuring high level of automation, difficulty and criteria as well. All the thin-film photovoltaic equipment in China almost completely relies on import, creating an imminent issue to be resolved for the PV industry in China.

2. Automation equipment for manufacturing PV cells & Parts

In cells manufacturing, the domestically-produced thin-film batteries are not the first choice for those new and expanding projects, showcasing that a certain gap still remains compared with those same leading manufacturing equipment overseas. The weakest point lies in the gap of automated production line of domestic component preparation. Through the opportunity of the international technology transfer conference in Beijing, it shall carry out joint exploration of equipment manufacturers, easing the emergency and filling the gap so as to increase competitiveness of domestic enterprises.

3. Silicon cutting equipment

Silicon multi-line cutting equipment is one of the PV devices that have been localized-manufactured. As the key procedure of silicon processing, silicon slices’ processing efficiency and quality direct impact the overall of silicon production.


1. Pursuing R&D cooperation of high-efficient and clean utilization of low-quality coal as lignite, the partner is required to have long-term research of coal combustion, gasification and etc. and experience in extraction of low-quality coal, clean-combustion, and engineering experience of coal chemical industry downstream.

2. Pursing R&D guidance of high-temperature air combustion and gasification technology, the partner is required to have long-term research of combustion, gasification and etc. and experience in burner design, which helps modify the corporate burning system and play the instructive role in the engineering application of the technology.

3. Pursing R&D cooperation of direct reduction iron-making technology of rotary hearth furnace and shaft furnace for improvement and instruction of iron ore selection, pellet fabrication and other processes, the partner is required to have a long-term direct reduction iron-making engineering background, understand gas-based shaft furnace and rotary hearth furnace’s characteristics with practical operational experience.

4. Pursuing partners capable of instructing corporations’ engagement, promotion and management issues with international engineering projects, contacting with overseas projects’ operation and management of domestic issues, the partner is required to have a long-term experience in overseas cooperation, understanding overseas market environment, local laws, IPR and other issues with outstanding language ability.


1. To provide related technologies of energy-saving: heat source, heat supply network, thermal station and other related issues

2. To provide related leading equipment of heat supply: boiler, insulating pipe, heat exchanger, water pump and etc.


Analysis result and engineering utilization method of different biomass pyrolysis products (bio-oil in particular)

Method research in reducing secondary cracking under high temperature of coal tar during the process of biomass pyrolysis

Direct reduction technology of gas-based shaft furnace


Since the utilization of the disaster prevention and monitoring system of Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway in 2009, the railway disaster prevention and monitoring system, widely applied in China’s high-speed railway sector, is capable of functions as monitoring strong wind, rainfall, snow depth, limit of foreign body invasion, earthquake and etc. However, the technology for strong wind and earthquake warning still remains at primary period.

The railway disaster prevention and monitoring system has been long used in Europe and Japan at high levels in terms of related technologies. In particular, the warning technology of strong wind in France and that of earthquake in Japan have already reached a most high standard.

It is our hope that leading foreign technologies can be introduced for the sake of improving the level of railway disaster prevention and monitoring system in China, which substantially helps decrease the impact of natural disaster towards railway so as to safeguard the life and property safety of the people and nation.


This company seeks partners to 1) pursue nanotechnology, nano-material products and equipment leading technologies in water treatment industry. 2) develop/apply nanocatalysts for deep oxidation treatment to resolve specially-applied nano-sized coagulant, and relevant medicine’s research and cooperation of technology or products. 3) develop/acquire high-performance nanofiltration membrane technology, technology production, transfer, research and cooperation of membrane module. 4). Develop/acquire nano-reverse osmosis membrane technology, and technology production, transfer, products’ R&D and cooperation of marketing of membrane module. 5) develop overseas marketing of PVDF hollow-fiber membrane and membrane products.


This company seeks a strategic partner with common goals in areas related to microbial technology and applications in environmental protection, and energy conversion/production in the international market.


1.A high-performance green natural fiber composite

Green natural fiber composite can be applied widely to limousine, yacht interior components’ manufacturing. The natural fiber composite, a GREEN MATERIAL jointly composed of thermoplastic resin systems, is also completely eco-friendly and green recyclable with following characters: low density per unit, light component weight and lowering energy-consumption; With abundant resources and low cost of products, the natural fiber composites can touch human skins directly suitable for living/office/traffic environment; Completely overall recyclable, environmental friendliness.

Introduction or joint R&D of natural fiber composites:

(1) System development of high-intensity and weathering natural fiber thermoplastic resin;

(2) Molded manufacturing techniques of scaled low-cost natural fiber composites;

2. Composite transmission tower

Composite transmission tower has light-weight, high-intensity, corrosion-resistant, ageing-resistant, sound insulating property and other merits. At present, it has drawn attention from different institutes of research in China, with wider prospects for market application. Its structural advantages: Comparing with traditional pole, glass fiber composite poles are apt to installation by saving much weight; it resolves the issue of consistently higher flashover rate so as to prevent lightening accidents occurred to iron towers; the structure of glass fiber composite pole transmission line is much tighter conducive to corridor line width; and obvious advantages in terms of transportation and installation at mountainous and river areas.

R&D and transfer of key technologies of composite transmission tower: high-stiffness, high-intensity composite transmission tower engineering design technology; Research of tower joint connection and overall assembly technology; Preparation technology of low-cost scale; Evaluating technology of service process

3. Research of light bearer/ energy absorption of carbon fiber components of new-energy vehicle

As a hot issue in modern vehicle industry development, the new-energy vehicle combines themes of environmental protection and sustained development of human being. Due to its energy-saving feature, it requires stronger vehicle structure with lighter weight. Hence, carbon fiber composite products have become one of the prime selections for development of new-energy vehicle, because of its merits: light-weight, intensified structure, lower energy-consumption; qualification of bearing / absorbing integral components through logical design, further decreasing weight; design of professional energy-absorbing material in components its reliable safety; corrosion-resistance and weatherability showcase fewer demands for maintenance in operational life and lower costs.

Research of light bearer/ energy absorption of carbon fiber components of new-energy vehicle

(1) Component design technology of high-quality bearer/energy-absorbing carbon fiber composite material

(2) Component design technology of scale low-cost carbon fiber composite material

4. Design of large blade

With the growing attention of wind energy by national across the world and an annual growth of 40% of global wind-power market in the past five years, offshore wind power has become the focus of those industrial giants, however, the advantage of huge offshore wind farm can only be demonstrated with large blades. Hence, 3MW or larger blades become the prime forces in offshore wind power generation. We have been committed ourselves to the research of design of the land-based wind power blade structure, mechanical property, fatigue property and other aspects and manufacturing products of blades of lower 3MW scale, especially in the specific research of layer thickness of stressed-skin construction, angle, position design of main beam and application of finite element analysis technology for performance. However, the characteristics of offshore wind power generate more demands than those of the blade structure of land wind power, such as lighter weight, function of corrosion-resistance, higher fatigue life, lower maintenance and others that add more difficulty in blade structure design. That of large-scale blade in domestic market is from overseas technologies restrained from developed nations. Concerning the concrete characteristics for large-scale blade for offshore wind power, we pursue the related technologies globally, R&D and cooperation of large-scale blade products, jointly carrying out design of large-scale blade structure and lightweight design technology of main beam structure, and research of corrosion-resistance and fatigue property technology of evaluation of composite materials under the marine environment.


The exploration targets of oil and gas reservoirs show a growing complexity. RTM remains the key imaging technology to resolve the problems during sophisticated oil and gas reservoirs exploration. This company is committed to the R&D of imaging and modeling products based upon RTM of independent IPR. According to the corporate products’ R&D plan, it will establish cooperative relationship with renowned international academic institutions and experts through adopting technology R&D cooperation selectively, transfer cooperation of advanced technology and etc. The key pint of cooperative R&D lies in RTM rapid computing technology adapted to isotropic and anisotropic media based on plane wave and plane wave RTM offset image gather computing technology. The core of the technology, resolving prestack RTM efficient calculation and gathers generation of mass data, is the key technological chain of speed update and modeling issues based on RTM in further solutions with globally leading level. The products transformed from the technology are the highly-efficient and leading tools to resolve the company’s problems in complex oil and gas reservoirs imaging and velocity modeling, and it shall further enhance the corporate technology service capability targeting energy industry.


Our domestic partners are nearly 50 large and mid-scale enterprises, such as Weichai Power Co., Ltd, Tianjin Richwood Industry & Trade, Tangshan Xingye Industry & Trade, Saic Motor, Brilliance Motor, Tianjin Soda Plant, Haihua Group, CNR Qiqihar Railway and etc. We carry out energy-saving alteration, compressor group control, optimization and power level amongst others by replacing the high energy-consuming equipment of concrete energy-saving points by convertor and inverter by high-torque CVT based on the results the overall energy online surveillance, energy-saving volume, energy-saving space analysis and equipment optimization of Huakong Automation’s energy efficiency information-based monitoring platform with sound economic efficiency and energy-saving effect.

Having been in the industry for over a decade, this company has been at the leading level in China. We hope that, through this international cooperation, we could facilitate corporate technology innovation, market expansion and internationalization strategies, improve bilateral connection in technology and innovation cooperation and explore the new mode of two-side scientific and technological cooperation. We will carry out the work by focusing on the demands of all areas concerning the energy, realizing cooperative mutual benefits, further stepping into global markets and pushing forward to a new high level of energy management area in China.


Analysis result and industrial utilization method of different biomass pyrolysis products (bio-oil in particular)

Method research in reducing secondary cracking under high temperature of coal tar during the process of biomass pyrolysis

Direct reduction technology of gas-based shaft furnace


Name of demand: calibration of instrument; Brief introduction of demand: to obtain spectrometer wavelength response data by measuring low-light standard light source under the environment of optical measurement.


Name of demand: Test of SW building system production line. Brief introduction of demand: carry out equipment tests, detailed index.


Name of demand: Analysis of petrochemical products. Brief introduction of demand: based on R&D and tests of low-carbon bio-diesel for vehicles, conduct regular tests of physical and chemical indicator of diesel so as to select the fundamental materials with wide resources and guarantee that the overall index of projects’ products accord with the related national standard.


Name of demand: structure analysis of mass spectrum, nuclear-magnetism and protein. Brief introduction of demand: treatment of plastic-type liquid crystal film, observe the rest plastic part with interspaces under scanning electron microscope after the dissolution of liquid crystal.


Name of demand: Test. Brief introduction of demand: Instrument 1 is capable of the pore size and permeability of porous materials, test of pore size and permeability of porous material with 2micron or small pore size; Instrument 2 observes and analyzes the micro-domain of the materials after magnifying around 10,000 times.


Name of demand: Level tests of anti-seismic performance, fire-resistance, windproof and others of space-board assembly houses.


Starting with modern agricultural business, this company has evolved into an agricultural hi-tech enterprise based on feed, animal protection, seed industry and plant protection. The demand for international cooperation: seeking cooperation on advanced technology transfer.


This company is one of the first companies specialized in the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of diamond products in China and is especially famous in international diamond tool industry for firstly launching free sintering diamond saw blade at home and abroad. This company offers eight series leading products, i.e. diamond saw blade, tool bit, drill bit, abrasive wheel, abrasion block, geological drill, CBN grinding wheel and powder catalyst. The demand for international cooperation: seeking cooperation on advanced technology transfer.


This company offers products covering six hi-tech industries, i.e. detecting instrument, tester, welding equipment, intelligent frequency converter, power distribution automation and wind power, as well as seasoning industry.

Starting with single Time Leeb hardness tester, its detecting instruments has expanded to include a hundred of types under 12 series, including Time Leeb hardness tester, Shore hardness tester, Rockwell hardness tester, roughometer, coating thickness gauge, ultrasonic thickness meter, vibration meter and infrared vibration thermometer.

The demand for international cooperation: seeking cooperation on technology or product R&D.


This institute is very experienced in production automation, electro-mechanical equipment, new energy, and digital signal processing and with corresponding technical strength. The demand for international cooperation: seeking cooperation on advanced technology transfer, and technology or product R&D.


This company is engaged in the R&D and manufacturing of new energy passenger vehicles.

On the basis of controlling leading complete vehicle integration, electric drive, electronic control and other core technologies in China, the Company has completed the development of Q60FB QREV based on Saab complete electric vehicle technology and realized small-batch production of the same (Q60FB is equipment with lithium iron phosphate battery and 60kW PMSM, reaches the maximum speed of 160km/h, and may drive for 160km continuously for one charge) and has developed and manufactured E150EV (equipped with lithium battery and 20kW PMSM, reaches the maximum speed of 120km/h, and may drive for 150km continuously for one charge) QREV based on BAIC vehicle and M30RB (equipped with lithium battery, PMSM or AC motor, maximum speed of 120km/h, and driving for 150km continuously for one charge) multifunctional BEV.

The demand for international cooperation: model design and simulation analysis of EV energy system, temperature characteristic simulation analysis of EV core parts (e.g. motor, on-board motor, air-conditioning system), and development, design and product realization of integrated temperature control system of complete EV.


This company focuses on the technical administration in the auto industry and a technical support organization to the governmental authorities, this center assists the government in such activities as auto standard and technical regulation formulating, product certification testing, quality system certification, industry planning and policy research, information service and common technology research.

In respect of automotive engineering research, this center is mainly engaged in the research of common vehicle passive safety engineering foundation technology and key engineering technology, research of common vehicle electronic research and active safety foundation technology, research of common key vehicle VCH engineering technology, research of vehicle emission and energy efficient common technology, research of new dynamic system technology, construction of vehicle development database, and construction of common technology platform and research of application mode.

This center has transformed scientific and technological achievements regarding vehicle safety, pollution control, energy efficiency, anti-theft technology and other fields.

The demand for international cooperation: international EV demonstration and application, and comparative study of technology difference.


This company is a leading new energy battery system solution provider and a key enterprise controlling leading technology in EV industry chain.

It has built and run the first 240MW/a automatic power battery module production line (Phase I) in the world. It controls standard battery module design, battery system rapid replacement, battery operation control, battery system thermal management, individual battery intelligent balance and other technologies leading in China.

There are seeking international cooperation on technology or product R&D.