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Indiana companies, including those located in Purdue Research Parks, can be excellent sources of products or services addressing environmental challenges. Below is a list of such firms that are interested in exploring technology collaboration, investment, joint ventures and other commercial relationships with Chinese counterparts.

Chinese companies interested in learning more or opening dialogue with these Indiana firms, please contact Mark Van Fleet (mvanfleet@purdue.edu), the executive director of our USCEES partner, Purdue's Global Business Engagement Office.

Companies interested in Chinese partners/investors
Industry Name of the Company Website
Environment, green building & energy ExhaleFans http://exhalefans.com/
En'urga http://purdueresearchpark.com/businessprofiles/enurga-inc
WindStream Technologies http://www.windstream-inc.com/
California Clean Air Technologies http://www.californiacleanairtech.com/
Legacy Environmental Services http://www.legacyenv.com
Lavelle Energy, LLC http://www.lavelleenergy.com/
Agro-biotech and Green food Algaeon http://www.algaeon-inc.com/
GreenTech America http://www.greentechamerica.com