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Qinghai delegation visits Purdue

June 26 @ 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM - Mann Hall

Qinghai delegation visits Purdue

Purdue Ecopartnership has successfully hosted a Qinghai delegation including provincial officials and university leaders who were visiting Utah-Qinghai Ecopartnership in Utah. The delegation was welcomed into the campus by the Purdue Ecopartnership Program Director, Tim Filley. A number of faculty and staff members and student organizations attended the event. The program started with the brief introduction of the Purdue Ecopartnership and Qinghai province. The later discussion was led by Geanie Umberger, Purdue Assistant Vice President for Corporate and Foundation Relations, mainly focusing on the topics of the commercialization and transfer of Purdue advanced technologies as well as the potential cooperation in environmental protection. Overall, this visit has demonstrated a good example of collaboration between two different Ecopartnerships and can promote the science and technology cooperation between Purdue and Qinghai province in the future.

  • Introduction to Qinghai Province, China

Qinghai is a beautiful province located in the west of China named after Qinghai Lake (the second largest salt lake in the world), bordering Gansu, Xinjiang, Sichuan, and Tibet Autonomous Region. Qinghaiis ranked fourth-largest in size (720,000 km2), but has the third-smallest population (5,626,722 in 2010) among the 33 province-level administrative divisions of China. There are over 37 recognized ethnic groups in Qinghai, with national minorities making up 46.5% of the population. The demographic mix is similar to Gansu province, with Han (54.5%), Hui (16%), Tibetans (20.7%), Tu (4%), Mongols, and Salars being the most populous groups. Qinghai has quite cold winters and mild summers due to the high altitude (>3,000 m). Qinghai is rich in natural resources, such as hydropower, minerals deposits, and grasslands.

  • Qinghai delegation

Yuan Xie: Director-General of Qinghai Provincial Department of Science and Technology

Hongxian Yu:Vice President of Qinghai University

Youming Qiao: Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of Qinghai University

Hassan (Dingming) An: Associate Professor at Qinghai University



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