U.S.-China Ecopartnership for Environmental Sustainability - USCEES


The primary objective of the EcoPartnership will be to provide targeted information to governmental, business, and academic leaders in both China and the US for informed policy decisions in the area of environmental sustainability with the primary focus of addressing the technological, scientific, economic, and social dimensions of ecosystem management for sustainable biomass (food, fiber, forage, fuel)  production while reducing green house gas emissions and sequestering carbon.

Secondary objectives will include:


The EcoPartnership will serve as a conduit between scientists and decision makers at the highest levels in the US and China, and will coordinate scientific activities among the members to address environmental sustainability issues important to both countries.  Policy briefs, white papers, and peer-reviewed journal articles will be produced by EcoPartnership scientists based upon work done in activities such as the visiting scientists program, topical workshops and the sessions of the annual symposia.  Guidance as to research topics and policy issues to be addressed will come from the advisory committee, the bi-national business council, and the faculty and administrations of the six partnering institutions. Following activities will be conducted to achieve objectives: