Our nation's ability to advance the understanding of science and technology will play a critical role in how we compete in the global marketplace. Institutions like Purdue University play a crucial role in fostering that understanding.

Purdue is proud to be a part of the Honeywell-Nobel Initiative, launched to bring leading scientists into the world's classrooms.

Through this effort, Purdue is partnering with Honeywell for the visit by Dr. John Hall, who won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2005. He will deliver a keynote address to a campus and community audience at 3:30 p.m. Monday, April 16.

Afterward, Purdue President Martin C. Jischke will join Dr. Hall on stage for an armchair conversation on "What's Next for Science?" focusing on issues the academic and scientific world face in helping this nation assess the competitive, technological needs of a global economy.

Dr. Hall shared the Nobel Prize for his role in developing laser-based precision spectroscopy, which allows scientists to measure frequencies with an accuracy of 15 digits. This technique makes it possible for researchers to study the stability of the constants of nature over time and to develop extremely accurate clocks and improved global positioning satellite technology.

Dr. Hall is a scientist emeritus of the National Institute of Standards and Technology and JILA fellow at the University of Colorado in Boulder. He received his bachelor's, master's and doctorate degrees in Physics from Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburgh.

The Nobel Laureate also will participate in a number of on-campus events on April 15-17. His visit is supported by Purdue's ongoing Discovery Lecture Series, which is funded through a grant provided by the Lilly Endowment.



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