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2010 SIRG Awards   
Enabling Continental Scale Water Resource Management: Adding Value to State and Federal Agency Large Heterogeneous Data Sets

Luo Si, Loring Nies, Chad Jafvert,

Julia Wiener

The Ionomics Atlas: Mapping Ionomic Loci to the Landscape

David Salt, Mourad Ouzzani,

Nabeel Mohamed 

An Innovative Simulation Tool for Real-time Hybrid Testing of Mechanical Systems

Shirley Dyke, Rudolf Eigenmann,

Nestor E. Castaneda

A Data Intensive High Performance Simulation & Visualization Framework for Disease Surveillance Aref Ghafoor, David Ebert PowerPoint
2009 SIRG Awards    

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The Cyber Center at Purdue University will provide a venue for all IT-related research, hardware, software, and staffing to come together in a single venue allowing new discoveries that can have immediate impact on discovery, learning, and engagement.


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