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Cyber Center Researchers Receive Outstanding Paper Award

March 11, 2015

The paper, co-authored by Muhammad I. Sarfraz, Mohamed Nabeel, Jianneng Cao, and Elisa Bertino (director of Cyber Center) and titled "DBMask: Fine-Grained Access Control on Encrypted Relational Databases", proposes a novel ground-breaking  solution that supports fine-grained cryptographically enforced access control, including column, row and cell level access control, when evaluating SQL queries on encrypted data. The DBMask solution does not require modifications to the database engine, and thus maximizes the reuse of the existing DBMS infrastructures. DBMask implements a novel approach to  support relational query operators by adding a comparison friendly encrypted column per table column. Different algorithms such as order preserving encryption, symmetric key based searcheable encryption and so on can be plugged in, depending on column data types and the security requirements. DBMask also supports a novel expressive  attribute-based group key management scheme to cryptographically enforce access control policies on outsourced databases at the granularity level of a table, a column, a row as well as a cell. Under the DBMask approach, different portions of data are encrypted by different keys according to the access control policies, so that only authorized users receive the keys to decrypt the data they are authorized for access. The access control mechanism of DBMask directly supports attribute-based access control (ABAC). Performance evaluation results, also reported in the paper,  show that that DBMask is efficient and scalable to large datasets.

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