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Cyber Center's Scientific Director of Data Integration Co-leads NSF Project

November 3, 2014

Smartphones and tablets used by today’s consumers include many kinds of sensitive information,” says Ninghui Li, a professor of Computer Science at Purdue University in Indiana.

The apps downloaded to them can potentially track a user’s locations, monitor his or her phone calls and even monitor the messages a user sends and receives — including authentication messages used by online banking and other sites, he says, explaining why unsecured digital data are such a big issue.

An NSF release reports that Li, along with Robert Proctor and Luo Si, also professors at Purdue, lead a National Science Foundation (NSF)-funded project User-Centric Risk Communication and Control on Mobile Devices, which investigates computer security. The work pays special attention to user control of security features in mobile systems.

Li, Proctor, and Si believe they may have a simple solution for users, who unknowingly allow voluntary access to their personal data.

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