Cyber Center

Cyber Center Lecture - Eduard Dragut

March 11 @ 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM - Lawson 2150

A Framework for Transparently Accessing Deep Web Sources

An increasing number of Web sites expose their content via query interfaces, many of them offering the same type of products/services (e.g. flight tickets, car rental/purchasing, hotel room booking). For a user interested in obtaining information about products from various Web sites it is a daunting task to manually access them. Therefore, providing a uniform access to these sources is of practical importance as it facilitates users to search and compare services/products of multiple providers. We aim to construct an integrated system that makes the access to individual sources transparent to users. To achieve this goal a number of problems need to be addressed. First, for a certain domain of discourse (e.g. real estate) a uniform query interface to the data sources has to be constructed. Second, a query formulated on the integrated interface needs to be translated into queries against interfaces of specific sources. Last, returned data by individual sources needs to be correctly extracted and the results ranked in descending order of desirability (e.g. price).


In this talk I present a technique to extract Web query interfaces into a hierarchical representation and discuss why this representation is desirable in practice. I will also present techniques for constructing integrated Web query interfaces. Finally, I will discuss a project that I currently work on: the construction of meta-search engines over search engines that involve spatial data, such as restaurants.




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