Cyber Center

Staff and Affiliates

Dr. Elisa Bertino Image

Dr. Elisa Bertino (Director)

Professor of Computer Science 

Bio 765.496.2399
Peter Baker Image 

Peter N. Baker

Managing Director 


Lynn Cornell

Administrative Assistant

Dr. Karen Plaut

 Dr. Karen Plaut

 Director of Ag Research Programs

 Associate Dean of Agriculture

 Professor in Animal Science

 Faculty Director of Bioinformatics


Bio 765.494.8362  
Jyothi Thimmapuram

Dr. Jyothi Thimmapuram

Bioinformatics Core Director



Assistant Professor Luo Si

 Dr. Luo Si

 Associate Professor Computer

 Cyber Center Scientific Director of
 Information Integration and

Bio 765.496.9381
Sonia Fahmy

Dr. Sonia Fahmy  Professor of Computer  Science 

Cyber Center Scientific Director of Network Systems

Bio  765.494.6183
Sorin Adam Matei

 Dr. Sorin Adam Matei  Associate Professor of Communication

 Cyber Center Director for Computational Social Sciences

Bio  765.494.7780

Research Faculty

Clayton Collings


Bioinformatics Core


 Ketaki Bhide


 Bioinformatics Core


Postdoctoral Researchers
Bharath K. Samanthula

Dr. Bharath K. Samanthula

Post Doctoral Researcher


Research Scientists
Jia Xu image        

Jia Xu

Research Scientist/Senior Software Engineer


Visiting Scholars
Dr. Assefaw Gebremedhin
Graduate Research Assistants
Joseph Walker
Nitin Jain
Kalada Kienka
Spencer Carver
Craig West
Discovery Park Faculty Research Fellows
Sorin Adam Matei, Associate Professor, Brian Lamb School of Communications - 2012-2013
Daniel Aliaga, Associate Professor, Computer Science 
Chief Scientists
Gerhard Klimeck (Cyber Communities) 765.494.9212
Rudy Eigenmann (High-End Computing ) 765.494.1741
David Ebert (Visual Analytics) 765.494.9064

Research Fellows
Jeff Evans 765.494.7725
Matthew Huber 765.494.9531
Saurabh Bagchi 765.494.3362

Barbara Fossum (NEESComm Deputy Center Director) 765.494.6408
Rudolf Eigenmann (NEESComm) 765.494.1741

About Us

The Cyber Center at Purdue University will provide a venue for all IT-related research, hardware, software, and staffing to come together in a single venue allowing new discoveries that can have immediate impact on discovery, learning, and engagement.


Cyber Center
Young Hall
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