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Three Computer Science Funding Opportunity Announcements

February 5, 2010

FOA-0000255: Advanced Architectures and Critical Technologies for Exascale Computing, FOA-0000256: Scientific Data Management and Analysis at Extreme Scale, and FOA-0000257: X-Stack Software Research are all now available on and FedConnect, as well as Lab versions of these are posted at


The FedConnect links to each of these FOAs are as follows:;; and


Links to the FOAs may be found on Grants.Gov at;jsessionid=vCPsLmtQzbpVqG48H196WBD6sYYs20dycl90MvxNFMtmYR8YhnZJ!-1179711943?oppId=51442&mode=VIEW;;jsessionid=vCPsLmtQzbpVqG48H196WBD6sYYs20dycl90MvxNFMtmYR8YhnZJ!-1179711943?oppId=51443&mode=VIEW; and;jsessionid=vCPsLmtQzbpVqG48H196WBD6sYYs20dycl90MvxNFMtmYR8YhnZJ!-1179711943?oppId=51444&mode=VIEW

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