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Purdue acquires power efficient supercomputer

June 10, 2008

Purdue University has acquired a SiCortex computer that can deliver high compute power to applications, with greater power efficiency. Purdue's SiCortex has 3240 computational cores, with 6 cores per chip running at 500 MHz, and an aggregate peak performance of 3.2 Teraflops/sec.

The total system memory is 4.3 TB (8 GB per node).

The SiCortex computer acquisition was initiated jointly by CRI and ITaP, with support by a large number of faculty. It was made possible through an award from Purdue's Provost with matching funds from a number of units on campus.

The SiCortex machine has a different system balance from traditional clusters in that it has slower processors and a fast interconnect, which is designed to enable high scalability. The system is currently being tested by early adopters who are interested in scaling their codes to large numbers of processors.

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