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Cyber Center - SIRG Proposal Callout Extended to July 16

June 21, 2010

The Cyber Center and Computing Research Institute (CRI) are pleased to solicit proposals for the Cyber Center Special Incentive Research Grant (Cyber Center-SIRG) program. This is a one year award (August 2010 to July 2011) for a doctoral student, with a total of (4) being awarded. Please see the attached document for the terms of the Cyber Center-SIRG award.

The proposal should be limited to 5 pages and must address the following points:
1. A description of the proposed work.
2. The strengths of the student to be funded.
3. The proposals should be multidisciplinary and collaborative in nature. The Cyber Center is especially interested in supporting high quality research projects that have the potential to enhance Purdue’s visibility in Data Intensive Science and Engineering and/or High Performance Computing (further described below).
4. The proposal should state how the work done under this award will lead to a proposal for external funding that would be submitted through the Cyber Center.
5. Preference will be given to proposals submitted by two faculty members from two departments. Also, preference will be given to those who have not received a Cyber Center-SIRG fellowship support for a student in the past two years.

Students supported by a Cyber Center SIRG award will be required to
• Make a poster presentation at a Cyber Center poster session.
• Create a web page describing the project that will be linked to from the Cyber Center web page. The webpage should acknowledge Cyber Center-SIRG.
• Make a presentation in the Cyber Center/CS&E seminar series 2010-2011 and submit copies of publications resulting from this award. Publications resulting from this award will be listed in Cyber Center’s HPC@Purdue publication list.
• Discuss the project in our exit interview at the end of the project period.

Within our most recent history, there has been an exponential growth in the volume of data captured by instruments and sensors, generated by HPC computational models, etc. The Cyber Center wants to encourage continued investment within HPC areas of research, but also to expand research opportunities to include Data Intensive Science and Engineering. DISE is approaching the growing volume of data through three basic activities: capture, curation, and analysis. Novel approaches in scalable computational processing, visualization, validation, multidisciplinary collaboration, provenance, accessibility and sustainability are required to open the door for new and unanticipated applications. We expect continued federal funding for HPC research, and a new thrust in federal funding for DISE. The Cyber Center is very interested in proposals responding to this call that will position Purdue to compete for such external funding. With this in mind, preference will be given to proposals that address these needs and are of relevance to the research community.

Please submit your proposals in the standard format with a cover page. Do provide the name of the doctoral student to be supported by this Cyber Center-SIRG on the cover page. Proposals are due in the Cyber Center office (Campus Mail: Young 928) by Friday, July 16, 2010, with an electronic copy sent to A Cyber Center panel will review proposals and choose the recipients.

Proposers will be notified on Friday, July 30 whether or not their proposal is selected.

Please direct any questions regarding this call for proposals to Peter Baker (

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