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Daniel Aliaga named Cyber Research Fellow

December 18, 2013

Dr. Daniel G. Aliaga’s research is primarily in the area of 3D computer graphics but overlaps with computer vision and with visualization. His work with the Cyber Center will be to create an IT infrastructure, and associated algorithms, to implement decision support system tools for sustainable urban ecosystem planning. Such tools assists urban stakeholders (e.g., urban planners, engineers, environmentalists, politicians, and concerned citizens) in trying “what if” scenarios of design decisions for obtaining an increased level of sustainability. This framework builds upon a current work in progress for a) acquiring (or obtaining) a 3D procedural model approximation of an existing (or desired) urban area – the urban area can range from a neighborhood to an entire city, and b) performing an inverse modeling computation so as to propose altered 3D city models satisfying a desired behavior. The bulk of the work is to create an initial set of sustainability decision support tools including altering the building layouts so as to produce better urban weather, to the reduce heating and cooling energy consumption and to improve the road layouts so as to change traffic flow to one of less congestion and of less energy consumption/emissions.

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