Purdue Climate Change Research Center

Development, Improvement, and Assessment of the Accuracy of Aircraft-Based Mass Balance Measurements of the Integrated Urban Fluxes of Greenhouse Gases

Funded by the National Institute of Science and Technology

This proposal seeks to address a key measurement gap in the ability to track the origin and fate of atmospheric greenhouse gases (GHGs), namely, the disconnect and uncertainty in inventory-based methods and emission measurements. This proposal seeks to reduce large measurement uncertainties (20% or more) in greenhouse gas fluxes on local spatial and temporal scales. The reconciliation of GHG emissions based on bottom-up and top-down methods will help make carbon-control strategies economically viable, and will addresses a generic problem with broad implications to domestic and international commerce. If successful, this research will demonstrate how to significantly reduce the uncertainties in estimates of GHG emissions over regional, metropolitan and local spatial scales. Quantitative results of this type are required to ensure the success of GHG mitigation strategies.


Paul Shepson - Arizona State University

Kevin Gurney - Arizona State University

Scott Richardson - Penn State

Natasha Miles - Penn State

Colm Sweeny - NOAA/ESRL

Jocelyn Turnbull - NOAA/ESRL

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