Purdue Climate Change Research Center

The Isotope Networks Portal: Data Integration for Biogeochemistry and Ecology Through Web-based Geospatial Modeling

Funded by the National Science Foundation

With funding from NSF, the team will develop and deploy the Isotope Networks Portal (INPort), an extensible, web-based platform for the analysis and modeling of stable isotope data with respect to space and time. INPort will provide a transparent interface between data consumers and data sources by providing integrated data querying, data acquisition, and geospatial modeling operations. It will consist of a web-based GIS interface linked to a data and application management system that will conduct data identification, acquisition, and processing and model execution behind the scenes.

The primary output of INPort will be spatially and temporally explicit maps of environmental isotope distributions. INPort software and products will serve a growing number of research programs that generate or use spatiotemporally-resolved environmental isotope data to address key problems in biogeochemistry, organismal ecology, and hydrology, including national-scale monitoring initiatives in these areas. These programs promise to generate large quantities of spatially resolved isotope data from a range of environmental systems, and successful and appropriate integration of this data with existing data sets and ancillary spatial data will be key to maximizing its scientific impact. INPort will facilitate the transformation of these diverse, heterogeneous data into derived products having a uniform, intelligible data type, encouraging learning and data access by a wide range of scientists and non-scientists.


  • Gabe Bowen, Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
  • Lan Zhao, Rosen Center for Advanced Computing
  • Chris Miller, Libraries
  • Tonglin Zhang, Statistics
  • Jason West, Texas A&M University

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