Purdue Climate Change Research Center

Understanding the Role of a High-Latitude Convective Cloud Feedback in Equable and Future Climate Dynamics

Funded by the National Science Foundation

This grant will support work to investigate equator-to-pole temperature differences and high-latitude seasonality during the equable climate of the Eocene Period, when both were much smaller than they are today. These circumstances are difficult to explain within the framework of the current understanding of climate dynamics. Huber and Tziperman seek to:

  1. Understand what factors control the critical carbon dioxide level at which the convective cloud feedback activates and the magnitude of the surface warming the feedback can produce
  2. Determine the ability of convective cloud feedback to provide warming in continental interiors as well as over ocean, consistent with Eocene fossil and proxy observations
  3. Constrain the convective cloud feedback using modern observations, and
  4. Investigate the possible implications of the convective cloud feedback for future climate.


  • Matthew Huber, Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
  • Eli Tziperman, Harvard University

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