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Video Segments for Panel 1 EU and US cap and trade programs | ITQ’s and “catch-share” fisheries
CCX experience with US mandatory and voluntary markets. | Water quality trading

Panel 1: Existing models and their lessons

EU and US cap and trade programs

Denny Ellerman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Ellerman speaks to the application of emissions trading in its cap-and-trade form to the regulation of air emissions. He focuses on the essential components of these systems and what has been learned from various public policy experiments in designing these components.

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ITQ’s and “catch-share” fisheries

Seth Macinko, University of Rhode Island

Macinko looks outside the carbon trading realm for possible lessons from recent trends regarding "rights based" fishing. In particular, he discusses equity concerns, community impacts, resource rent, and "privileges" versus "rights" in fisheries trading systems.

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CCX experience with US mandatory and voluntary markets.

Michael Walsh, Chicago Climate Exchange

Walsh discusses lessons learned from implementation of U.S. and international carbon markets, and touch on key issues and challenges. He discusses the outlook for participation by agriculture and forestry sectors.

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Water quality trading

Richard Woodward, Texas A&M

Woodward discusses the state of efforts to develop water quality trading, mostly in the US and the challenges that these markets face when compared to markets for air pollutants. Since many of these programs seek to incorporate nonpoint sources, he highlights the challenges that result and what has been done to address these challenges.

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Panel 1 Discussion

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