Welcome to The Hestia Project™

Quantifying carbon dioxide emissions like never before.

Climate change is happening, will likely accelerate, and is being driven primarily by rising carbon dioxide levels caused by the combustion of fossil fuels. Although this is common knowledge, strategies to address climate change are limited by our inability to quantitatively characterize where, when, and how carbon dioxide is emitted. Our response to this challenge is the Hestia Project.

The Hestia Project will revolutionize how the world approaches and interacts with the climate change problem. By building a system that combines diverse data about the flow and metabolism of the energy-emissions-climate nexus, Hestia will provide stakeholders an unprecedented opportunity to design and implement carbon management strategies, strengthen and support basic research in climate prediction and carbon cycle science, and allow the public, decisionmakers, scientists and industry to access detailed space-time information on fossil/industrial CO2 emissions via an intuitive, interactive, photorealistic, three-dimensional visualization of the Earth.

In short, Hestia will quantify, simulate and visualize
the metabolism of global industrial economic activity.

We are partnering with industry, government, non-profit organizations, and universities to build Hestia. Our goal is to provide everyone — governments and planners, media, industry, and the public — with scientific information that they can use to make informed decisions. We invite you to learn more about Hestia, explore the progress we have made, and contact us with questions.