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Gerald (Jerry) Shively

Contact Information

KRAN 656
Purdue University
403 West State Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907


Jerry is an applied economist with research interests in tropical forests, agriculture, and land use change. Much of his work focuses on decision making in low-income settings, and the influence of trade and economic policy changes on land use. He works with colleagues in Purdue's Center for Global Trade Analysis to develop novel approaches to integrated assessment (IA) of climate change research, especially the development of methods to evaluate economic costs and benefits of alternative climate change scenarios. He has conducted studies to assess the carbon storage potential of tropical forest and agroforestry systems. He is the author of more than 50 peer reviewed publications and co-editor of the recent book Land Use Change in Tropical Watersheds: Evidence, Causes, and Remedies (CAB International, 2005). Jerry currently serves as Co-Editor-in-Chief for the journal Agricultural Economics and is an Associate Editor for the journal Environment and Development Economics.

Selected Publications

Tran, Nam Anh, Gerald E. Shively and Paul V. Preckel. “A New Method for Detecting Outliers in DEA.” Forthcoming in Applied Economics Letters.

Fisher, Monica M., and Gerald E. Shively. “Agricultural Subsidies and Forest Pressure in Malawi’s Miombo Woodlands.” Forthcoming in Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics.

Yao, Richard, Gerald E. Shively and William Masters. “How successful are government interventions in food markets? Insights from the Philippine rice market.” Forthcoming in Philippine Journal of Development.

Doutriaux, Sylvie, Charles Geisler and Gerald Shively. “Competing for Coffee Space: Development-Induced Displacement in the Highlands of Vietnam.” Forthcoming in Rural Sociology.

Ha, Dang Thanh and Gerald E. Shively. 2007. Coffee Boom, Coffee Bust, and Smallholder Response in Vietnam’s Central Highlands. Review of Development Economics, forthcoming.

Yao, Richard and Gerald E. Shively. 2007. Technical Change and Productive Efficiency: Irrigated Rice in the Philippines. Asian Economic Journal, 21(2): 155-168.

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