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Guofan Shao

Contact Information

PFEN 109
Purdue University
715 West State Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907


Guofan’s overall research interest is digital forestry technologies (DFT), including remote sensing, geographic information systems (GIS), forest modeling, and forestry decision-support systems (DSS). He applies DFT in better understanding forest landscape changes and sustaining the management of forest resources. He is especially interested in developing algorithms for accurate land use and land cover mapping with remote sensing, developing web-based GIS protocols for land use analysis and forest conservation, developing applicable forest simulation models for forestry professionals, and developing user-friendly forestry DSS for assisting forestry decision making. He is conducting research projects for the temperate forest ecosystems in the Midwest of the United States and northeastern China.

Selected Publications

Lang, R., G. Shao, B.C. Pijanowski, and R.L. Farnsworth. 2008. Optimizing unsupervised classifications of remotely sensed imagery with a data-assisted labeling approach. Computers & Geosciences 34:1877-1885.

Shao, G. and J. Wu. 2008. On the accuracy of landscape pattern analysis using remote sensing data. Landscape Ecology 23: 501-507.

Martin, B., G. Shao, R.K. Swihart, G.R. Parker, and L. Tang. 2008. Implications of shared edge length between land cover types for landscape quality: The case of Midwestern U.S., 1940-1998. Landscape Ecology. 23:391-402.

Young, D.R. J.H. Porter, C,M. Bachmann, G. Shao, R.A. Fusina, J.H. Bowles, D. Korwan, and T.F. Donato. 2007. Cross-scale patterns in shrub thicket dynamics in the Virginia barrier complex. Ecosystems 10 (5): 854-863.

Shao, G. and B.W. Duncan. 2007. Effects of band combinations and GIS masking on fire-scar mapping at local scales in East-Central Florida, USA. Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing 33 (4): 250-259

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