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Alla Golub

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Alla holds a Research Economist position at the Center for Global Trade Analysis.  Alla obtained her PhD from the Department of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University, in 2006 under the direction of Dr. Thomas Hertel. Since her graduation, Alla is working on various climate change mitigation policy issues related to land based activities, including land use change impacts of biofuels and analysis of global GHG mitigation potential in land using sectors.  Alla worked on California Air Resources Board project to assess the indirect land use impacts of biofuels production, and on European Commission project aimed at reconciling indirect land use impacts from biofuels which have been estimated using diverse modeling frameworks.

Selected Publications:

Hertel, T.W., A.A. Golub, A.D. Jones, M. O’Hare, R.J. Plevin, D.M.Kammen. “Global Land Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Impacts of U.S. Maize Ethanol: Estimating Market-Mediated Responses”. BioScience, March, 2010.

Golub, A., T.W. Hertel, H-L. Lee, S. Rose and B. Sohngen. "The Opportunity Cost of Land Use and the Global Potential for Greenhouse Gas Mitigation in Agriculture and Forestry".  Resource and Energy Economics 31(4), 2009.

Golub, A., and T.W. Hertel. “Global Economic Integration and Land Use Change”. Journal of Economic Integration, Volume 23 No. 3, 2008.

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