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About Us

Welcome to the Purdue Climate Change Research Center (PCCRC). The Center was established in April 2004 to serve as a crucible for interdisciplinary research on climate change and its ecological, social, economic, and political impacts. The PCCRC is built on a foundation of scientific excellence, interdisciplinary perspective, and the momentum generated by a new, multi-departmental faculty hiring plan. We invite you to learn more about PCCRC activities, explore potential collaborations, and help us identify new ways to enhance the realization of our goal of excellence in climate change discovery, learning, and engagement.

Mission & Goals

The PCCRC mission is to increase scientific and public understanding of the causes and impacts of climate change through fundamental research and effective education and outreach. Our overarching goals are to understand the causes and consequences of climate change, improve predictive models to project future climate conditions, and inform on-going state, national and international policy discussions on climate change, including mitigation and adaptation strategies. Distinguishing Features.

Our work is characterized by several distinguishing features:

  • Human Dimensions: focus on integrating a broad range of human dimensions into the global climate system of feedbacks.
  • Regional Scale: emphasis on developing a credible and reliable capability to quantitatively assess future climate states and the associated impacts, focusing primarily on regional scales.
  • Quantitative Integrative Modeling: emphasis on integrating all aspects of the climate change issue in a modeling framework that optimally combines observations and mechanistic understanding.
  • Faculty-driven: structured in a way that encourages University disciplinary strengths in climate research to quickly address emerging research needs and opportunities.

Contact Us


Jeff Dukes, Director
e-mail: jsdukes(at)purdue.edu
phone: (765) 494-5146

Rose Filley

Rose Filley, Managing Director
e-mail: rfilley(at)purdue.edu
phone: (765) 496-3211


Melissa Widhalm, Operations Manager
e-mail: mwidhalm(at)purdue.edu
phone: (765) 494-8191

Cindy Fate, Administrative Assistant
e-mail: cynthia(at)purdue.edu
phone: (765) 494-5146







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