Center for Analytical Instrumentation Development
CAID Second Annual Meeting
June 16 and 17, 2009
Meeting Schedule
Regional Economic Development
IN/IL Map with PU, IU, ND, UofI Regional Economic Development
The Center is partly based on concepts tested and experience acquired in previous activities aimed at contributing to regional economic development. The Indiana Instrumentation Institute (III), a Purdue University/Indiana University initiative in instrumentation development and commercialization, was launched in 2000 with funding by the Indiana 21st Century Fund. The Indiana Proteomics Consortium (later InProteo, Inc.) was established in 2002 and funded by Purdue, Indiana University and Eli Lilly & Co. to harness the state’s analytical instrumentation expertise in the proteomics field by developing new instrumental tools. Several start-up companies arose from these efforts. They include Griffin Analytical Technologies, lnc. (2001), Tienta Sciences Inc. (2004), and Prosolia, Inc. (2004). Other recent start-ups with connections to analytical chemistry at Purdue include Indigo BioSystems Inc. (2004), Quadraspec, Inc. (2004) and MatrixBio LLC (2006).

globe International Activities
The Center plans to cooperate internationally in research in instrumentation and in activities that promote ties between this region and other international centers. Cooperation already exists with institutions in Brazil, China, India, Italy and Taiwan. During the current year some two dozen visitors came to Purdue from these countries for longer or shorter stays to work in the analytical instrumentation area.
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