Center for Analytical Instrumentation Development
CAID Second Annual Meeting
June 16 and 17, 2009
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Engineering Prototyping Program
An unusual activity of the Center for Analytical Instrumentation Development is an engineering prototyping program. This program has these objectives (i) to speed up the commercialization of instrumentation conceived and developed in the Center (ii) to educate and train students in engineering and the sciences (iii) to increase synergy between these two groups of students and (iv) to expand markets and increase likelihood of commercial success by distributing prototype versions of instruments that will be commercialized by CAID partner industries.

We have implemented an on-campus engineering prototyping program in Purdue’s Discovery Park, an Interdisciplinary research campus. The program produces a limited number of engineering prototypes which are sold by Purdue at cost; this allows subsequent prototyping efforts to be undertaken without additional funding (‘evergreen’ model). The program started with construction of 10 Mini 10 mass spectrometers; these were distributed to users in various disciplines. Data is being returned to us to benefit the community of users and advance the technology. The expected result is that the experience with the systems will result in improvements to and ruggedization of the systems faster than would be possible conventionally. The second stage of the program involved the construction of 10 2D-DESI imaging ionization sources.
Engineering Prototype Program flow diagram
The Chemistry Department at Purdue has long enjoyed the benefits of the Jonathan W. Amy Facility for Chemical Instrumentation which is based on the idea that instrumentation engineers, working with graduate students and faculty on research projects, can efficiently advance instrumentation research. The new prototyping model extends these ideas by drawing on the large pool of highly qualified, experienced, engineers in the Engineering graduate program.