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Purdue Translational Pharmacology

Presenting the first Culex-L Large animal automated in vivo sampling system at Purdue University

The Purdue Translational Pharmacology (PTP) facility is situated in the Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine complex, which provides constant care and monitoring of the animals.

The PTP synergizes with the Metabolite Profiling Facility in the Bindley Bioscience Center, which facilitates the pharmacological analysis of blood samples collected from the test subjects.

Bridging the Gap between Cell Based Research & Integrative Animal Pharmacology


The transitions from cell-based systems to integrative animal pharmacological studies have led to a major research and training gap. In vivo testing of any potential new therapeutic is a critical capability of any drug discovery and translational process. Purdue Translational Pharmacology (PTP) bridges this gap with the revolutionary PigTurn Culex-L Model. Working with the developer BASi in West Lafayette, a group of Purdue researchers have demonstrated and documented the efficacy and utility of this in vivo pharmacology system in the PTP.



  • Humane & Stress Free
  • Automated Sampling
  • Expert Technicians 24/7
  • Innovative Pen Design
  • Cost Effective Program

Innovative Pharmacology Model

The Physical Barrier

The Physical Barrier

  • The pig moves freely in the pen, and the Culex systems rotates to accommodate the animal's movement.
  • Animal has free access to food and water, and controlled feeding is also an option.
  • System allows collection and storage of blood samples and physiologic data measurements.
  • Walk-away capability allows automated drawing, collecting and storage of blood samples at programmable intervals.
Auto Control Module

Auto Control Module

Stress-free in vivo automated sampling





Pharmacological Evaluation

Pharmacological Evaluation

Stress-free sampling allows for accurate determination of:

  • Drug metabolism PK/PD
  • Food ingredient monitoring
  • Drug formulation evaluation
  • Animal behavior


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